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Plagiarism – That Nasty Word!!

The definition of plagiarism has changed drastically over the years.  Traditionally, it was used to refer to large chunks of content copied directly from the work of another and not credited to the original author.  No one worried too much about a phrase or a sentence or an idea taken from a source and not quoted or noted.  Today, however, with the advent of technology that can detect all of these things, students must be very careful in their use of resources and in their contracting with a writing service to assist them with their writing needs.  Even four words, copied directly from a source will flag your piece!  With this looming over you, it makes sense to ensure that your entire work, if checked for plagiarism by an instructor or professor, will “pass muster.”  Because plagiarism has become such a large problem, most institutions provide their instructors and professors with very sophisticated plagiarism-detection software, and this can spell disaster for a student.  Not only can you be expelled from your program, but you can face legal troubles as well.  Don’t take such risks with your future!

How PrimeEssays Can Help You

If you have written a research work, you may have inadvertently paraphrased something too closely; you may have included the exact words of another author without realizing it; you may have used very unique ideas and concepts of another and failed to give credit for those ideas or concepts.  All of these things constitute plagiarism, and your instructor can find them!  Current software programs will scan your entire work against huge databases of books, journals, web content, and works of other students previously submitted.  If any problems are found, you can be sure that you will hear about it!

At PrimeEssays, we have developed our own plagiarism-detection system – one that can check your work against anything out there and yet guarantee that your work will not appear in any database available to your instructor.  This is really important if you have written a research work and want to be absolutely certain that you have not committed plagiarism, even inadvertently.

When you order a customized written work from us, we use the same system to ensure that your writer has not made any mistakes related to plagiarism.  We provide a plagiarism report to the customer (on demand), proving that the content is original and properly cited.

Trust PrimeEssays to Find Any Issues!

Whether you have written your own term or research paper or whether you have contracted with PrimeEssays.com’s staff of professional writers and editors, you need the peace of mind that what you submit to your instructor or professor is completely original and that any words, ideas, or concepts taken from the authors of other works have been properly cited.  It is easy to easy to slip up, and you simply cannot take the chance that your mistake will result in serious consequences.  We have the system in place to handle this for you, and you should use it!  Contact PrimeEssays.com today for all of your writing and/or plagiarism-checking needs.  We will not let you down!

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