Business is the one of the epitomes that connects people as well as the world. To me, knowledge in this field is the key to achieving some of life’s most sought after goals. I want to reinforce my business skills and knowledge at Columbia. I have always had a fascination with airplanes as a child and after my first flight at the age of 17 which was followed by a Visit to Farnborough air show in U.K; I knew I wanted to incorporate my passion into business. I have gained a strong foundation in business culture and entrepreneurship having come from a family and community of business owners called Marwadis in India. I need to have more industry experience. I have had Gulfstream Experience as an Aircraft Configuration Manager, Process Improvement Specialist, and Aircraft System Integration Zone Lead and it is my belief that these skills can be maximized at Columbia Business School through the MBA program with greater emphasis on New Business development for Aircraft Manufacturers.  I have some knowledge about the global Aviation Industry, Aviation Industry in East, and Business Aviation Industry Growth in East and the growth forecast MBA will help to me get into New Business development for Aircraft Manufacturers.

One of the things that attracted me to the MBA course at your university is that I believe I have the best chance of obtaining skills such as education in entrepreneurship and finance and gaining experience in Business Development and networks.  In addition, I believe that I will experience business situations that are closest to being realistic of the global world owing to the diversity of the student body and faculty. At Columbia Business School, I will have the best opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise from the best entrepreneurship and finance expertise offered at Columbia. Getting the highest academic competency in this area will facilitate my future plans and reinforce my skills. With a Columbia Business School MBA, I will be in the best possible position to succeed in a career in entrepreneurship and finance.

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