The list of the necessary university application documents is lengthy enough, however, some colleges and universities ask for the additional essays, as, for instance, does Columbia University. Further in the article you will see provided Columbia supplement examples. Writing supplements is no less significant than getting your grades, test scores and taken high school courses since these papers demonstrate student’s personality and interests to admissions officers.

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A Few Things to Know about Columbia Business School

CBS, which stands for Columbia Business School, is one of the top 10 Ivy League business schools. It is a part of Columbia University in the New York City. Its location in Manhattan island in Morningside Heights is excellent. It evolved during a long, more than one hundred-year history, and developed a wide range of programs for different levels, specializations and majors. 

The school supreme concepts are knowledge (the course content is based on the latest conditions and challenges that the business world faces), access (they created partner and network relationships with leaders of different industries), diverse and open community (class entering in 2020 consists of 44% international citizens) and impact (being in the center of corporate environment means taking a responsibility of forming the future leaders in different sectors of business). Considering the aspects above, it is no surprise that admission is characterized by great competitiveness. According to the latest statistics of 2020, the Columbia MBA Program acceptance rate is 19,1% and 99% of students have at least a year of work experience. These percentages prove high status of CBS as well as the need of an excellent preparation to apply to it. 

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Columbia University Supplement Essay Examples 

A college application usually comprises different transcripts, test scores, resumes, CVs and other stuff. If you decide to go to Columbia University,  you should be ready to prepare some extra lists and papers, each presenting / revealing / highlighting something unique and original. It is recommended that you should approach every list / paper as if you were a scrupulous curator. Can you choose items that relate to a common topic in surprisingly novel ways? Can you turn something serious into something humorous? When the indicated format is listed, you should address each matter as much as a content. Thus, you ought to use each element of the written task to your personal advantage! If you do not understand some of the points indicated, please refer to Columbia university supplement essay examples.

Explain in a few lines your perfect college community. (It should comprise 100-150 words)

Tht task is the first part of the Columbia supplemental essays examples. It is quite tricky because one should not fall into the trivial clichés (such as “intellectual” or “diverse”) as well as copycat all the qualities written on the university’s site. For this task one is  expected to express one’s personal views and ideas. Present your individual perspective based on the background and explain how university programs, resources and other opportunities correspond to your preferences. Analyze what your  words should lead to.

Drop a few lines devoted to your perfect college community. (It should comprise 100-150 words)

The following hint is a real trap – Have you ever heard of the Scylla & Charybdis; this is the very case. To complete such a list, you should skillfully and carefully between towering and suspicious platitudes (such as “intellectual”or “diverse”) as well as words / phrases that merely reflect what you have read on the websiteof Columbia University. Instead, brood on each of your likes / preferences: What qualities / features does your teacher share? How do your preferences / likes align with resources and programs offered at Columbia University? Consider each word and phrase that you utilize. Consider that whatever and whenever you do should bring you fun only!

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Indicate your most enjoyable readings titles required from any course of the school year (100-150 words)

While working on the task, you should be as honest as only possible. You can be tempted to dwell on the longest and the most pleasant masterpieces or most amazing titles, but in order to create the most unique and authentic list of your favorite readings, you should give frank answers to the questions. What things do you enjoy in the academic setting? Home tasks should not be your most profound assignment in the world, thus, ask yourself: What books / stories motivated you to read, work, and handle all your challenges yourself? What has surprised or impressed you in the last year? What has given you inspirations? Maybe, it was a short poem by Emily Dickinson. Take into consideration the full scope of options (including books, textbooks, reference books) and do not afraid to choose the texts from those subjects that you did not like or were not very good at. Keep in mind that this assignment is aimed at revealing your “self” as well as show other people the way your mind is working.

List a few titles of the most enjoyable masterpieces that you read just for pleasure (100-150 words)

Whereas the last list concerned your academic mind, the following list is devoted to your spare time. How do you soothe, entertain, or simply give your hard-working mind a rest during your free time? Think carefully about the list and try not to select high profile or hyping books in order to gratify one’s expectations. Unless Hamlet, The Great Gatsby, 1984, Ulysses, etc. indeed correspond to your interests or views, there is no need to be obsessed with these titles. Read the list from the beginning to the end,  enjoy each second of it. Think over not just of the recently read books, but also of the old classical masterpieces, you cannot help reading (“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” (for the seventh time), for instance). You can have a play with the sequencing: for example, how would you set all the masterpieces up in your own library? Alphabetically, or thematically, or chronologically? In accordance with the relationship between the writers? Could you find any funny connections between favorite masterpiece of yours? Just enjoy what you are doing. Try to be unpredictable, unique, and original. Do not think of the assignment as a thing that influences your score. Imagine that the following written task brings only pleasure to you. 

List the cultural or entertainments events/titles that you enjoyed most. (100-150 words)

When completing the following list, take into consideration that not only the content but also the medium can dwell a lot about you! You can list some events / activities / actions related to a specific environment in order to indicate how much you care about a certain issue or a problem. On the other hand, you could also list a few TV shows to exhibit your passion for theater, cinematography or music. Finding an eye-catching topic that displays your passion for or interest in the surrounding world (verbal, visual, physical) can assist you in transforming your pleasant experiences into an outstanding look into the recreational brain of yours.

You can have free access to Columbia University supplement essay samples whenever you have a desire to look at the exemplary and premium-class quality essays.

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Elaborate on things you value about Columbia University? Why? (200-300 words)

This short written task is a version of the classic essay – Why Columbia University? 

Consider that the key to each type of essay is detailed, specific and scrupulous research. You should spend some time researching the Columbia University website or, you can have a campus tour. You can ask different questions to the students, take some notes, and try to find specific programs, experiences as well as people that can excite or inspire you. In your essay, you should simply dwell on the most inspiring things or people  you met   or get acquainted with during your search or tour. You should focus on your personal viewpoint. Ask yourself: what do your experiences, interests, skills reveal about YOUR – SELF”?

Now, you should revisit the set question. Consider that Columbia University does not simply want to find out why you would like to apply for it, but specifically and significantly, what things you “value most in it.” Assessing your research, you should give an answer to: what is the commonest idea in everything presented on paper by me? Is it just a part of a global college / university community? Is it some abstract or philosophical essay? Imagine that you are supposed to complete a mission statement. While dwelling on what things you value about Columbia University, you should be very convincing, truthful and scrupulous. In some ways, the above-mentioned questions are very similar to the first required list, so you are to be well aware that you will not utilize too many of the concepts, words, or phrases. In fact, you ought to determine the way and structure of your future Columbia university essay in advance. Consider that by means of this document you will be able to communicate with each representative of the Columbia University Admission Board. For instance, if you apply to the School of Engineering and Applied Science, you should dwell on your past and current experiences and skills (both academic and personal). Take into account that whatever you have made up your mind to write about in your essay, it should be closely connected with your future major. Your essay should be composed of  no more than 300 words.

If you visit the database of Columbia University supplement essay examples, you should pay your attention to two types of “Why-essays.” First of all, you should always keep in mind that your essay should be very unexpected, eye-catching, unpredictable, and of course, personal. Take into consideration that the Admission Board expects to find out about things that excite, inspire or influence you in the best possible way.  They are interested in your academic and personal background to find out why only you should be given a fascinating privilege to become a student at Columbia University. It is advised that you do not omit or neglect any opportunity, for instance, to visit a university, its campus, library, sport facilities. If you can, you are recommended to attend some open lectures or meeting organized by the university students to share their experiences, wisdom and skills with the applicants, who would like to go to Columbia University and become a member of academic community. Try not to lose any chance or opportunity that could help you in taking your final decision. Consider that your future academic studying, career and life in general depend on your decision.

Columbia University Essay Sample

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