Customers of can earn as much as 10% on every order placed by other people they bring to our company. The people they refer will also qualify for a discount on the first order they place with us!

How to Earn Money with

To begin earning, it is first necessary to order from our company. When you do this, a personal account will be created for you on our company’s website. To become part of our affiliate program, there is a special promotion code or a referral link you will need to share with the people you are recommending. You will find these in your personal account area and you can share them by messenger service, email, or through one of the social networking sites. Our system remembers every person who uses the code or follows the link you send them.

If the person you share the promotion code with uses it or clicks on the referral link, they will be taken to our company’s order page and the code will automatically be applied. It is by this means the person you refer will receive a discount on their first order.

If their order is completed and paid for, you will receive money from us – 10% of the cost of the other person’s order. Any money you earn can be used to pay for future orders or you can withdraw it by Wire Transfer or through PayPal.

The only requirement for you is to pass a referral link or special promotion code on to people you know. If or when they use the code or link you send them to order a product or service from, they will get an attractive discount on their order and you will receive a 10% payment from each order they place. This offer is win-win for everyone!

Earn 10% on every order placed by your friends

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