Application Essay

As a person with leadership abilities one of my aspirations is to build these skills and build a career in the area of leadership. In fact, this is the reason why I have chosen international relations as I want to build my career in politics through proper channels.

With such goals, studying in the right institution is paramount in order to see the development of this career to its top most level. In addition, studying in an international institution provides a person like me with a chance to indirectly take part in global politics and probably meet with the relevant parties while still learning.

Therefore, American University is the institution of my choice. The University is strategically located since it is at the heart of the United States, which plays huge roles in global politics. In addition, the university offers various disciplines in the area of international relations meaning that I have a chance to choose from a range of disciplines.

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As seen earlier, one of my interests is pursuing international relations to the highest level and since American University provides this, I believe that it is the best place to be. American University also provides students with a chance to carry out high quality research in their respective areas of interests.

The university will therefore provide me with a chance of improving my career through research in an international environment setting. Lastly, American University will quench my desire as an aspiring leader to build and sustain strong relationship with public, private and non-profit organizations.