Michigan University is one of the oldest surviving universities in American history. It started in Detroit in 1817 and became the first public university within the North Western States of America. It relocated to Ann Arbor in the year 1837when Michigan became a state on its own. University of Michigan Flint campus was opened in 1956 followed by the opening of the University of Michigan Dearborn in 1958.  

I decided to join Michigan University to study Computer Science as my major. This came about as a result of having realized that Michigan ranked among the top universities in the Computer Science sector. Indeed, Michigan University ranked at position 13 at the recent universities rankings. I felt particularly thrilled to join the Michigan University learning community. This is because it helped me develop my personal goals as well as achieve my professional ambitions.

Computer Science at the University is one of the oldest in history and recognized worldwide. This course is highly innovative with new developments and technological growth. Indeed, it is at Michigan where the recent innovations in the world music industry were made. These include ipads and iphones. The teaching staffs concentrate both on the theory and even the practical applications of the course. This is extremely vital in the practical applications of a student once out in the field of practice.

The extracurricular activities available are also extraordinarily lucrative to any normal individual. There is the participation in the ACM programming competition where Michigan qualified for the 2011 event. The Faculty encourages research programs in which Michigan emerged the best in the recently organized Magic Robot Challenge in Australia with their swarm of autonomous robots. Students have got the opportunity to participate in the new technological developments within their respective departments. In this arena, most students have come up with remarkably commercially viable products from their innovations. Others in this category include; the Blaze trail where competitions involved different disciplines. There is also the Yahoo Hack U competition where the winner represents the university in the Yahoo open Hack Showdown.

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