Writing a University of Michigan Essay is not an easy thing to do. Such a paper should fully reveal your potential and personality, as well as point to the key strengths that will help you become a valuable asset in the environment of this reputed educational institution. We suggest you learn the key tips and secrets that will significantly facilitate your attempts to write a good application essay.

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Learn How to Write University of Michigan Essays Without Extra Efforts!

  • Prompt#1. (Same as in 2017-18) If you were allowed to choose one of the activities you have mentioned in the relevant section, what particular activity would you prefer? Explain your choice by providing the reasonable arguments (150 words maximum).
  • Prompt#2.(Same as in 2017-18) An individual usually belongs to different communities defined by social status, religion, geography, cuisine, ideology, race, intellectual heritage, or interest. Reflect on your place within one of these groups (300 words maximum).
  • Prompt #3. (Same as in 2017-18) Discuss your interest in the University of Michigan. What particular skills and qualities you are going to attain at this educational institution and what programs seem particularly interesting to you? Support your position with the relevant evidence (550 words maximum).

If you are not sure how to get into University of Michigan, keep in mind that a good application essay increases your chances to be accepted!Let us discuss the prompts mentioned above in detail.

Prompt #1

When writing a University of Michigan essayon the first prompt, you need to pick up a particular activity that seems the most significant to you. No matter if this activity is interesting to other people or not, try to explain what makes it special for you. Perhaps, your activity is rather challenging and makes you leave your comfort zone. If so, be sure to mention about it. When writing about an activity that seems interesting to you, make sure it aligns with the University`s values. For instance, if you like to travel, explain what lessons you learn in your trips. Perhaps, this activity helps you broaden your worldview or meet new interesting people. Does this activity push you from your comfort zone? Remember that the answer to this question should reveal your personality. As such, try to focus not on the process or activity itself but on its influence on your character. When writing the answer to this prompt, keep in mind that you should not exceed the word count. Considering it needs to be only 150 words, which is pretty short, you should be clear and concise by mentioning the relevant details only. This prompt does not mean to explain what an extraordinary person you are, but your own understanding of yourself. In other words, this prompt makes the applicant think what activity is attractive to him or her at this very stage and why is it so interesting.

Indeed, although this task seems very simple, it is rather challenging for most applicants. First, they find it difficult to choose an appropriate activity that can reveal their attitude to the surrounding world. Second, they fail to meet the word count focusing their attention on the meaningless details. Finally, they do not understand the essential purpose of this task and write about the activity itself instead of explaining its contribution to their personal and professional growth. Although you are free to download the great templates of application essays available on many web resources, we assure you that the admission officers want to read about an original individual with personal beliefs, attitudes, and fears. Do not be afraid to show that you are a multifaceted person and that by accepting your candidacy, they will never regret it. 


The second prompt should focus mainly on the strengths of the applicant. Before writing aUniversity of Michigan essay, ask yourself, “How can I contribute to the University community?” “What skills and competencies will help me become a valuable asset in this environment?” “What makes my candidacy better than other applicants?” By answering these questions, you will find it easier to focus on the prompt and put the shoes of the admission officer, who wants to know more about a potential student. Paradoxically, but there are not so many students, who can cope with this task successfully since almost all of them find it challenging to make the essay focused whereas some of them simply do not refer themselves to the particular communities. If you also cannot concentrate, be sure to spend enough time on the prewriting stage or brainstorming. During the brainstorming process, try to switch off all the distractors and focus mainly on the essay.

Keep in mind that the more time you spend on the preparation – the better result you will get. Read the prompt carefully and make sure you fully understand it. Write down the names of a few communities you belong to. Think about your role in these communities and choose one that seems the most appropriate for an application essay. For your convenience, you can write a simple outline that will cover all the points you want to discuss in your essay. When you are done with the outline, start writing your University of Michigan essay. As you understand, this paper does not aim to tell about a particular community but rather explore your perception of your role in it. Is this role active or passive? What do you do to contribute to this particular community? What your skills and knowledge attained through your academic journey can be useful in the development of this community? Keep in mind that the admission officers want you to use your creative thinking as they read hundreds of standard essays every day. In order to impress them, you need to write an extraordinary paper using various writing techniques.

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Why this particular University? Perhaps, this prompt is common for all educational institutions. No wonder, the admission officers want to understand why did you decide to join this university and what is your motivation? Remember that if you want to apply to different universities, it is better to customize the admission essay in accordance with the specific requirements provided on the universities` websites. So, why Michigan? If you find it difficult to explain your decision, we recommend you to visit the website of the university and check multiple opportunities offered by Michigan.

Also, do not even try to copy-paste the content from the personal statements available online since such an unprofessional approach will definitely lead you to the failure. If you really want to create an outstanding personal statement, be passionate about everything you write in it. We assure you that such a paper cannot be written in some 1-2 hours. In order to write a great application essay, you need to spend enough time on the research, writing, and proper revision of your essay. Yes, proofreading stage should not be underestimated as well. Undoubtedly, your application essay will be assessed mainly for its content but the obvious errors will spoil the impression and, perhaps, will become the reason for your failure. If you are not sure how to get into University of Michigan, keep in mind that a good application essay increases your chances to be accepted!

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Common Tips

  1. Do not procrastinate. If you are a determined and goal-oriented student, then you probably realize the importance of the task. 
  2. Know the University you apply to. First, it will enable you to understand if you are moving in the right direction. Second, knowing the university`s values, you will be able to write an application essay that will totally align with these values.
  3. Ask someone to proofread your essay and point out to its weak places.
  4. Submit the paper on time and do not exceed the word limit. We assure you that by submitting your paper later or exceeding its word count, you will show your inability to follow the rules which will negatively influence your reputation.

In conclusion, we assure you that writing an application essay is not that difficult, as it may seem. You just need to be focused, attentive, and passionate and demonstrate your charisma to the admission officers. Do not be afraid to sound too selfish as an application essay is a unique type of assignment that allows the applicant to discuss the personal skills and qualities, as well as motivation. Keep in mind that aUniversity of Michigan Application essayis a great chance to demonstrate that you are a perfect fit for this particular university. All in all, be sure to prove that the admission committee members will make a smart decision by approving your candidacy!

University of Michigan Essay Sample

Michigan University is one of the oldest surviving universities in American history. It started in Detroit in 1817 and became the first public university within the North Western States of America. It relocated to Ann Arbor in the year 1837when Michigan became a state on its own. University of Michigan Flint campus was opened in 1956 followed by the opening of the University of Michigan Dearborn in 1958.  

I decided to join Michigan University to study Computer Science as my major. This came about as a result of having realized that Michigan ranked among the top universities in the Computer Science sector. Indeed, Michigan University ranked at position 13 at the recent universities rankings. I felt particularly thrilled to join the Michigan University learning community. This is because it helped me develop my personal goals as well as achieve my professional ambitions.

Computer Science at the University is one of the oldest in history and recognized worldwide. This course is highly innovative with new developments and technological growth. Indeed, it is at Michigan where the recent innovations in the world music industry were made. These include ipads and iphones. The teaching staffs concentrate both on the theory and even the practical applications of the course. This is extremely vital in the practical applications of a student once out in the field of practice.

The extracurricular activities available are also extraordinarily lucrative to any normal individual. There is the participation in the ACM programming competition where Michigan qualified for the 2011 event. The Faculty encourages research programs in which Michigan emerged the best in the recently organized Magic Robot Challenge in Australia with their swarm of autonomous robots. Students have got the opportunity to participate in the new technological developments within their respective departments. In this arena, most students have come up with remarkably commercially viable products from their innovations. Others in this category include; the Blaze trail where competitions involved different disciplines. There is also the Yahoo Hack U competition where the winner represents the university in the Yahoo open Hack Showdown.

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