Anderson University is a very prestigious educational instruction that offers a wide range of opportunities to its students. No wonder, a lot of applicants dream about going to this university to boost their career prospects. To convince admission officers that your candidacy is suitable, you need to write a high-quality Anderson University application essay.

Let us admit it. Writing a good-looking personal statement is no walk in the park. In this short essay, you need to mention all of the strengths, achievements, and career goals that will help you become a valuable asset to the academic community of the particular university. When it comes to the Anderson University application process, you need to understand that competition is very high. Hundreds of students, just like you, submit their personal statements trying to maximize their chances to get accepted.

Our guide will enable you to figure out how to write a perfect Anderson University application essay. Reading this guide will also help you understand the main steps of the admission process. We assure you that the information provided by our experts will make your essay stand out from the crowd.

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Anderson University demonstrates a moderately competitive admission by having an acceptance rate of 63%. This educational institution offers degree programs for high-school graduates just starting out, as well as graduate students and adult learners. There are 59 Anderson University degrees in this educational establishment. This means that this institution provides students with numerous career choices. For instance, one may choose a computer science program and learn how to write programs and do the coding. If you choose exercise science, marketing, elementary education, sport and recreation management, etc., you will get your degree in three years.

Anderson was established in accordance with the open and free traditions of the Church of God. As such, it is committed to being a teaching-learning community of the highest order. In accordance with the key university`s values, students have to love God with their minds, hearts, and souls. The primary mission of the university is to graduate people, who are creative, caring, competent, and generous. If you want to become a student at this educational institution, you need to match Anderson University requirements.

What Are the Anderson University Requirements?

On the university`s website, you will find information about many schools of Anderson you can apply for. No matter what school you have chosen, you will need to create a customized application essay making it match the requirements. Before you start working on your personal statement, you need to look closely at the prompt to find out what exactly is expected from you. As for the common Anderson University requirements, they are as follows:

  • GPA requirements. When applying for Anderson, you need to provide your GPA. The average GPA of students applying for Anderson is 3.4. This means that this educational institution is selective. They want to get intelligent, smart, and open-minded people in their community. You will increase your chances to get accepted if your GPA is higher than the average;
  • Testing requirements (ACT and SAT requirements). The average Anderson University SAT requirements are 1011 on the 1600 SAT scale. To be a competitive applicant, your SAT score is to be average or even higher. If your score is lower, you will need to do your best to write a high-quality personal statement to compensate for it. As for the ACT score, it is to meet the average requirements as well. If you want to have a good chance to get accepted to Anderson, your ACT score is to be 77 or higher;
  • Application requirements. Anderson University has typical application requirements. To understand the prompt, you need to attend the information session. Such an approach will help you understand the requirements of each educational program. Regardless of the program you choose, it will require a completed application and payment of a 50$ fee. What is more, students have to submit letters of recommendation. Whereas other educational institutions accept all types of recommendation letters, Anderson requires going online and printing out three recommendation forms.

A lot of students commit the same mistake when they leave writing their application essays until the last moment. You have to understand that a short deadline won`t enable you to plan your work, write a good-looking draft, and revise it accordingly. Thus, if you want to create a brilliant admission essay, you need to have a good deadline for it. By planning your work properly, you will be able to succeed with your application. What is more, since many students submit their application essays on the last day, the university`s website may crash. If you are concerned about your future, don`t put it at risk by underestimating the importance of your admission essay.

Anderson University Application Deadline

Anderson has two intakes for undergraduate courses – in Spring and Fall. If you are going to pursue a graduate program, there will be three intakes – Spring, Fall, and Summer. All of the materials necessary for admission ought to be submitted within the deadline allocated. Otherwise, the application will fail. The admission deadlines for Undergraduates and MBA courses are on July, 1.

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How to Write an Anderson University Application Essay?

Before you start working on your Anderson admission essay, you need to figure out the essentials of personal statement writing. To bring you the anticipated outcome, your essay is to be engaging, emotionally honest, and relevant to the prompt. This year, Anderson has updated the essay questions. Now, they are focusing on the personal and professional achievements of the applicant.

An application essay ought to complement other documents you submit. At the same time, the information you provide in your personal statement ought not to repeat the information mentioned in other documents. The best personal statements are succinct, comprehensive, and captivating.

For the 2022-2023 application year, Anderson has one essay question required for the first-time applicants. Also, one question is optional. This main question is as follows:

  • Tell the admission officers about a recent personal or professional achievement focusing on how it connects to your MBA goals. (250 words maximum)

Your Anderson application essay is a great opportunity to tell about the projects you took part in. Also, you may tell about your participation in an important extracurricular event. When talking about the event, make sure to focus on your role in it, not the event itself.

If you are planning to switch the industry, you have to think broadly and explain how the skills achieved through your studies will help you in Anderson.

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  • Optional essay

Are there any extenuating circumstances about which the Admissions committee members are to be aware of? (250 words maximum)

Only those students having extenuating circumstances have to answer the Anderson optional essay question. In your answer, you ought to try to provide admission officers with the answers they might have been looking for in your application. Typically, this essay is to talk about your career potential or your academic readiness. Such a paper is your opportunity to tell the admission officers something they cannot learn about you from other documents. For instance, you may answer the questions:

  1. What may affect your grades? In what way you are going to cope with challenges?
  2. Is there a gap in your resume?
  3. What else your recommender could tell about you?

Use this essay as a chance to convince admission committee members that you are a perfect fit for the position chosen. In case you do not have extenuating circumstances, you may leave this question unanswered.

  • Two answer goal questions

Finally, you will need to answer two short-answer goal questions. Make sure to follow the character limit (it includes spaces):

  1. How can Anderson help you achieve your personal and career goals? (1000 characters maximum)
  2. Describe your short-term and long-term career goals. (600 characters maximum)

When writing your application essay, you need to consider your skill gaps explaining how Anderson MBA will help you fill in these gaps. To reach the expected outcome, you need to show your deep understanding of Anderson culture.

If you want to succeed in writing your admission essay, you need to know how to organize the writing process in an appropriate way. Below, you will find some efficient tips that will help you meet the Anderson University admissions requirements.

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Write Your Anderson University Application Essay in a Proper Way

If you think that answering the Anderson application questions is easy, you are not right. Writing a good-looking personal statement requires dedication, concentration, and attention to detail. Your task is to create a unique piece that would help admission committee members learn more about your personality.

As you reflect on the best way to articulate your achievements and career goals, make sure to consider the suggestions provided below:

  1. Be decisive. You need to convince admission officers that you are a goal-oriented person, who is not afraid of challenges. To accept your candidacy, committee members have to make sure that you know how to set both short-term and long-term goals and have the necessary instruments to reach them;
  2. Be consistent. In a personal statement, you need to talk about YOUR strengths. Since the word count is limited, you ought to try to avoid irrelevant information. Consider that you may easily lose credibility if you change your goals just to meet the expectations of your audience;
  3. Mention the goals that are attainable. You don`t need to include long explanations of why you have chosen the particular career path. By discussing your future, you need to convince admission officers that you are excited about the career chosen.
  4. Articulate your passions. At Anderson, they want to see that the students are passionate about their studies. Your task is to provide the context for your career choice.

How to Write an Anderson University Application Essay?

Before you start working on your essay, you need to create a list of your achievements. Then, you need to brainstorm your ideas and choose the ones that correspond with Anderson`s values. Keep in mind that the essay is pretty short. Thus, you are not allowed to include long and meaningless sentences.

To make your admission essay look perfect, you need to tie your previous achievements with your future career goals. For instance, you may talk about a certain challenge or problem you`ve encountered and tell how Anderson`s education will equip you with the expertise and skills to overcome such challenges.

We assure you that by following our recommendations, you will be able to create a high-quality personal statement. Just keep in mind the importance of this document and you will be able to become a successful student at Anderson!

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