Why I Am Choosing to Apply to Chapman University

I decided to apply to Chapman University because I believe that it offers great academic opportunities for education and research that are going to enhance my education and make it fulfilling and exiting academic experience. I am convinced that the way to achieving my educational goals and career aspirations is by attending a top university. I conducted a thorough online research of colleges and universities and reached a conclusion that Chapman University is a credible educational establishment that offers high quality education. When I familiarized myself with the official website of the Chapman University, I got convinced that it offers both superior academic setting with a vibrant intellectual community and “the environment of a family” that helps a student to stay connected to innovative and dedicated network of students and friends. Therefore, I would like to join and offer my talents to the Chapman University’s network of smart, connected, and inspired student community. Finally, I believe that studying my major in Chapman University will make me more competitive on a labor market and help to build a fulfilling career and satisfying professional life.

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