Requirements that Each Applicant Should Follow

Application process: Fill in our online admission application for the Undergraduate.

Fee: Application fee is 50$ (A Duquesne university admissions essay should be sent by an applicant by the 15-th of December).


  1. An applicant should submit all his / her official high-school and college transcripts, if there are any.
  2. Every high-school student should insist that his / her current senior year grades must be included on her  / his official transcript.
  3. Transcripts entitled “Issued to Student” are an unofficial document.
  4. Acceptance, as well as any type of scholarship awarded to a student should be included into the official high-school transcript, which is to verify the student’s graduation.

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Final Test Scores

Submit ALL available official ACT and / or SAT scores.  The Submission Board of Duquesne University takes into account only the highest scores / grades across all the test dates indicated / submitted by an applicant. Only the highest section scores are taken into account in taking the final decision concerning the submission. Every time an applicant submits her / his scores, her / his record is constantly updated with any new-coming high scores. Consider that the university admission board does encourage that every applicant submits her / his scores whenever he / she takes either the ACT or the SAT. Sending the scores every time an applicant tests can benefit him /her by allowing the admission board to consider him / her for all available enrollment-related possibilities.

Send the Scores via

  • Official High-School Transcript;
  • Postal Mail;
  • College / university Board.

The Duquesne University Admission Board accepts the following scores and tests:

  • SAT Subject Tests;
  • ACT Writing Section
  • TOEFL Exam;
  • NOTE that the Writing SAT score is not taken into consideration by the Board.

Business / Liberal Arts / Music Applicants: if an applicant fails to provide have ACT or SAT scores, or believes her / his scores do not clearly present his /her academic achievements, abilities and skills to succeed at Duquesne University, she / he may apply as a Test Optional applicant. A minimum cumulative high-school GPA score should be 3.0 within a university preparatory curriculum that will be regarded for admission.

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Recommendations That Are to Be Kept to

Recommendations from the academic sources that are required for such health professions as Nursing, Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Speech-Language Pathology, Physician Assistant Studies and Occupational Therapy. 

Recommendations are to be followed by each teacher / counselor / teaching staff. An applicant is capable of choosing one or several of the following recommendations:

  1. Recommendation letter – A standard letter written by a counselor or a teacher.
  2. Recommendation form – A printable PDF checklist, which is supposed to serve as an alternative option to a recommendation letter.

Recommendations may be submitted by an applicant via the application portal, mailed to the Office of the Admission Board, or emailed simply to recommendations@duq.edu.

A Duquesne university application essay is one of the key requirements for such majors as Nursing, Speech-Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Athletic Training, Physician Assistant Studies, and Physical Therapy). Essays are also optional for the applicants who apply for other educational programs. Could you tell a few words about yourself; Why have you chosen this major? Why would you would like to attend only our University? 

A Duquesne university admission essay can be submitted via the university application portal (after an applicant has applied). Applicants who schooled at home are to meet the requirements listed below:

  • A written verification provided by a school district must be submitted by an applicant. The reason(s)why a student was excused from public education must clearly be stated.
  • The results of the ACT or SAT exam should be provided by the applicant.
  • An academic curriculum and transcripts should be provided.
  • A Duquesne University Application Essay should be completed.

APPLY THIS VERY MOMENT! In order to apply for any educational program offered by Duquesne University, a transfer student should submit the following papers:

  1. A Duquesne University Admission Application;
  2. A Duquesne Transfer Form;
  3. Official, final college / high-school / university transcripts, as well as G.E.D. scores (they are not required for Liberal Arts, Music and Business majors with more than twenty-four college-level credits);
  4. Official transcripts provided by previous schools / colleges / universities that a transfer student attended;
  5. A letter of recommendation  and a personal essay are obligatory for the School of Nursing and the School of Health Sciences; 
  6. ACT and/or SAT scores (need ONLY for Environmental / Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Nursing, Education, and Pharmacy).

The Process of Documents Submission

Requirements: Grades / Marks Averages

  • Only the classes with a “C” or higher mark can be considered for transfer.
  • 3.0 GPA for RN-BSN / Speech Language Pathology / Physical Therapy  / Occupational / Forensic Science / Education / Therapy Pharmacy.
  • 2.75 GPA for Athletic Training, as well as Health Management Systems; 
  • 2.5 GPA for all other disciplines / majors.

School of Music

An applicant must go through auditions that are conducted by the Duquesne University School of Music Admission Board.

School of Nursing RN-BSN

  1. An applicant must pay the application fee, which equals $50. 
  2. 2.0 GPA is an essential requirement.
  3. Interviews are NOT a must for a RN-BSN applicant.

School of Education

An incoming student must meet all minimum admission requirements if he /she wants to apply for to the School of Education. An applicant should have:

  • 3.0 overall high-school GPA;
  • 3.0 overall GPA on each college transcript;
  • 1080 on Math and Reading SAT, or above 22 on ACT.

In case an applicant does not meet the requirements listed, she / he is to take the Basic Skills Testing (BST) (PRAXIS or PAPA Core) before he /she is admitted to the Duquesne University School of Education. Detailed information concerning the Basic Skills Testing (BST) is provided on the official website of the university.

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School of Pharmacy

Official transcripts from all previous universities / colleges / schools attended by an applicant should be provided. Transcripts are to be submitted directly by the educational institution. Even of these transcripts are sealed and marked as “official ones”, they must directly be sent by the colleges / schools / universities attended by an applicant.

A review of applications usually starts in November / December, and the interview process is planned for February / March. Get ready for all different questions on a wide scope of topics. 

Duquesne University Admissions Essay Sample

Dear Sir/Madam

This application letter is connected to my inclination to pursue Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program from the prestigious Duquesne University for the academic year 2013-14. I would like to forward my candidature to the Liberal Arts Department of the University and request the department to consider my application for the IMC course.

My interest to pursue Communications as a career option originated during my college studies, where I took a strong interest in understanding the fundamentals of advertising, marketing communications, public relations, etc. I had taken part in many competitions like new product development, making advertising plans, wherein I realized that my core strength lies in the area of strategizing communication programs for marketing events.

I have undertaken my graduation in Bachelor of Management Studies with specialization in marketing from Nairobi, Kenya, from which I originate. My peers, teachers and professors appreciate me for my hard work, sincerity and ability to prove myself as a continuously learning and growing individual. I am also good at subjects like computer sciences, psychology, mathematics, strategy, etc.

Being a citizen of Africa, I understand what an important role communication can plan in our day-to-day lives. I have arrived to the U.S. to pursue my career dreams and aspirations of becoming a successful advertiser. I am a person of strong will and I believe that a person can only achieve something if he has the ability to dream and aptitude to realize his dream.

I have undertaken projects in marketing communications from both profit and non-profit firms. I have been assigned the task to make creative ads along with my team, while working and coordinating with the media companies to put them on air. I can say with confidence that my supervisors and managers were very satisfied with my work and I received a couple of rewards as the recognition.

I would like to put a strong foundation of my career by stepping into the top ranked course – Integrated Marketing Communications – from your esteemed University. I have received good feedback from my peers and colleagues, who have stated that learning IMC from Duquesne University paves a way towards a successful career in communications. It also makes the student job-ready in a rapidly changing business environment.

With the help of distinguished faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure at Duquesne University, I believe I can hone my skills in order to perform the role of a communications planner and strategize effectively. I would like to inculcate communication practices that are adopted in varied contexts concentrated mostly in the advertising field. I would like to explore and get an in-depth understanding in the subjects that you are focused on teaching to students, particularly PR, rural communications, communication and community relations, event planning, interactive strategies, etc. (as cited at Integrated Marketing Communication, Duquesne University website).

I am hereby enclosing all the necessary documents and transcripts of records along with the letter of application. I have also appeared for SAT and the score sheet is enclosed herewith as well.

I can assure you that as a student of a prestigious University you would find an able, dedicated and learning individual in me. I hope to receive a positive response from you and would be delighted if my candidature is accepted by the institution.

 Yours sincerely,

 Your Full Name

 Full Home Address

 Email id:

 Contact number (with STD code):

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