It is very important to write an introduction that will create a stunning effect. It should capture readers’ attention from the very first sentence and give them a deep understanding of that the paper is indeed outstanding. Therefore, when you are to prepare an argumentative essay, you need to introduce the topic properly, formulate the central idea, and provide supporting data. The material should be presented in a coherent, reasonable, and persuasive way.

Make a Catchy Statement

An introduction should start with a sentence that will intrigue readers and arouse their interest. If you do not want your introductory paragraph sound boring, start it with a great citation, tricky question, dumbfounding fact, or a joke. For instance, imagine that you are assigned to explore a destructive influence of cigarettes on people’s health. Thus, you may begin your work with a shocking statistical data. Consider this statement: “In accordance with the report presented by the World Health Organization, about 5,000,000 people die because of smoking which is much more than deaths caused by such diseases as AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria taken together.” This data should make readers ponder over the issue.

Provide Primary Information

Primary information will help readers easily perceive the issue you are going to address. Furthermore, such type of data will give readers a possibility to dig into the history and find out interesting facts about the subject. Later, this information will help you perform a critical analysis of the examined matter and prove that your opinion is correct due to the given evidence. For example, you need to prove that the USA should not have a military draft. To support your arguments, you may state inescapable historical facts.

Create a Thesis Statement

The central core of any argumentative essay is a thesis statement. It should consist of one sentence which should clearly convey writer’s main idea. Your thesis should present the author’s position about the dealt matter which then can be opposed or accepted by readers. Note that a thesis statement should not provide obvious facts that cannot be debated. For example, if you are to discuss such issue as a “War”, it will be suitable to write the following statement: “The United Nations Organization should be reformed as its current staff cannot prevent wars.” Then, you need to develop your thesis statement by providing compelling arguments.

What Data should not Be Included in the Introduction?

A good introduction should not analyze the chosen subject. An in-depth analysis should be performed in the body of the paper. The aim of an introductory paragraph is to present the topic to readers and introduce the main point, but not to state reasons supporting your statement. Moreover, an introduction can be compared to an outline of the essay. Therefore, it should not talk about the methods you are going to use to explore the topic. Such sentences as “I am going to prove that…” are of no importance as they impart useless information.


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