Are you willing to apply for Auburn? Want to make the Auburn university application process successful? At Primeessays.com, we are doing everything possible to help applicants to go to Auburn University. At this educational institution, you will receive the necessary level of expertise, make new friends, participate in extracurricular activities, and become more confident. Our guide aims to tell you more about the admission requirements for Auburn university to help you pass the admission process successfully.

What Makes Auburn University So Special?

Auburn University has been preparing a new generation of students to lead and innovate for more than 160 years. According to Forbes, it is the “Best Value College.” Being one of the top Alabama universities, many applicants prefer Auburn from all over the globe.

Since the university is popular, the admission process is highly competitive. Those students, who apply to Auburn, ought to have strong academic credentials. In many cases, meeting the minimum requirements is not enough to become a student at this university. When you apply for Auburn, you have to know that admission officers will carefully review your academic achievements. They want to choose the most passionate, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable applicants, who fully comply with the values and principles of the university. Your task is to demonstrate the best potential for success.

One more thing that attracts applicants is that Auburn University awards great scholarships every year. Scholarship committee members select the most need-based students and award competitive merits.
There are more than 150 undergraduate majors at Auburn University. They are housed in 12 schools and colleges. As such, Auburn is committed to offering top-notch undergraduate, graduate, and professional education to students.

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Auburn University Admission Requirements

If you are willing to become a valuable asset at this reputed educational institution, you have to know what requirements for Auburn university admission are. Well, when applying for Auburn, you need to consider several critical things:

  • GPA requirements;
  • Testing requirements (SAT and ACT requirements);
  • Application requirements.
GPA Requirements

Your high-school GPA is a number that demonstrates your high-school academic performance. Both the weighted GPA and unweighted GPA are considered by colleges and universities. An unweighted GPA is an average of your scores from each class on a four-point scale. Those students, who apply for Auburn University, ought to have an average unweighted GPA of 3.9. This means that you have to be at the top of your class. In other words, you need to have straight A`s in all of your classes.

SAT Requirements

To make your application competitive, you need to strive to earn between 1180 and 1330 on the SAT test. The average result allowed for potential Auburn students is 1257.

ACT Requirements

On the ACT test, you need to strive to gain between 24 and 30. If you manage to earn 30, you will fall in the 75th percentile of students. The average ACT score of applicants is 28. Only one out of every four students scores below 24.

You need to know that Auburn University has extended the test option for all the applicants who would start in the Fall 2023. The success of the admission process depends on your high-school courses, grades, and academic achievements. In addition to standardized test scores, applicants have to prepare good-looking admission essays. Let us tell you more about how to write a personal statement for Auburn University.

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Auburn University Application Essay

If you are going to apply for Auburn University, you ought to know how to write an engaging and attention-grabbing Auburn university application essay. The need for an admission essay depends on the program. Yet, you have to pay ultimate attention to this essay if you need to prepare it.

Auburn application essay aims to show your ability to express your thoughts clearly and concisely distinguishing yourself in your own voice. Such an essay ought not to include information about your grades, courses, and test scores as this information is present in other documents. Before you start working on your admission essay, you need to study the prompt and try to understand what the admission committee expects from you. Consider that the auburn university personal statement is to comprise about 650 words and you have to avoid exceeding this word count. Below, you will find the examples of the prompts you may need to follow if you decide to apply for Auburn university application:

  • Some students have interests, talents, and identities that are so meaningful that they know their applications would be incomplete without their mentioning. Please, share your story;
  • Tell about the accomplishment, achievement, or event that sparked a period of your personal growth. Did it help you understand yourself and others?
  • Sometimes, we take lessons from challenges and obstacles. Later, they lead to our success. Recollect some challenges or failures you have faced. In what way did it affect your outlook? What did you learn from this experience?
  • Have you ever questioned a certain idea or belief? What prompted you? What was the outcome?
  • Are there people that make you thankful or happy? How do they motivate you?

If you have to follow the specific prompt, you need to be very attentive to detail. The success of your Auburn university application essay depends on how well you can follow the instructions provided.

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Auburn University Application Deadline

You need to complete your admission essay no later than December 1. What is more, you are to send all the application documents to Auburn by December 1. All freshmen accepted for admission by mid-January get consideration for competitive merit scholarships automatically. At the same time, the deadline for the regular admissions application to Auburn is February 1. Those students, who are interested, can apply for each section.

After the university receives your information at the Applicant portal, you may send the highest scores from the individual tests by January 10. The admission committee will not review the scores received after this deadline for a competitive merit scholarship.

  1. Choose what to study. Auburn University provides more than 150 degrees, including programs in business, engineering, journalism, management, architecture, etc. Since the range of subjects offered is pretty broad, it may be challenging to choose the best course available. At our writing service, we have provided some tips that will enable you to choose the disciplines to study.
  2. Check all options and choose the ones that fit your interests. First and foremost, you need to select the general areas that interest you. After you have completed the list of options, you may shorten it deleting the ones that do not comply with your career interests. Such an approach will enable you to be more confident about your decision;
  3. Look for the right advisor. Also, we recommend you look for a person, who will guide and assist you through the whole admission process. After choosing a college, you may discuss your career interests with the academic advisors and they will help you choose a suitable program;
  4. Follow your passion. One more piece of advice that all applicants have to consider is to follow their passions. You will be able to build a successful career only if you love what you are doing. This approach will enable you to enjoy your study and work.
  5. Ask your close people for advice. Your friends and family members are aware of your interests. Thus, they can assist you in choosing the right course. Yet, even after listening to your close people, you need to make your own decision. After all, you are the only person responsible for your career choices.
  6. Visit the Auburn University. If you want to make the right choice of the educational program, you need to spend at least a day walking through the campus. By speaking to other students, you will find out what courses they have chosen and the reasons why they have done this. The professors and lecturers will gladly answer the questions you may have about the program. By choosing this university, you will have to spend from 3 to 4 years in its walls. Thus, we recommend you get ready for it.

Consider that the admission process is the very beginning of your educational journey. You are the only person who is to make a decision. To make an informed choice, you need to learn everything about the university, its professors, and the students they are looking for. On the web, you will find many detailed guides on how to make the application for Auburn university successful. We strongly recommend you understand the importance of your personal statement and dedicate a considerable amount of effort to writing it in a proper way.

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