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I kindly submit my application for Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Barry University, Florida. I chose the B.S. course in Barry University because I want to get a higher degree with a B.S. in biology with a specialization in Histotechnology. I am also a catholic. Barry University is a private catholic institution and I believe that it will cater well to my religious practices.

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Barry University is one of the only five accredited universities that offer a degree in Histotechnology. Barry University is renowned as one of the nation’s that offers undergraduate programs that are accelerated bachelor’s programs specifically designed for bachelor of Biology students among other disciplines. During my high school years, I developed a passion for the structure of cells, their formation into tissues and organs. I also developed the passion to detect any abnormality that may occur to the cells or tissues. This basically means that I have had a long desire to be a Histotechnologist through research. I feel that Barry University will help me realize my dreams of becoming a Histotechnologist such that I can also play a role in the allied health profession to conduct research and diagnose diseases. I am patient, have a good knowledge of biology, and with a good mechanical ability all of which have endeared me to Histotechnology. I also consider myself to be a diligent and a voracious reader with a passion to details. I have a strong background in chemistry and mathematics which may come in handy in my studies.

It is my believe that with the distinguished faculty and state of the art facilities of Barry University especially as biological studies are concerned, I can fully develop my potentials and chart my chosen career path; Histotechnology. I hope you will take a favorable decision regarding my admission to Bachelor of Science program in biology, Barry University.