While working on your informative essay, your main task is to leave a lasting positive impression on your readers. Your fellow students and your professor will listen to your presentation. They will read your paper to understand what you are trying to say, and you will have to be very thorough and detailed in every word and sentence.

This positive impression begins with the topic, which must be creative, fascinating, and attractive. You may find it difficult to choose the best topic for your informative essay, which is why it is better to consult the following list.

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Guide to Informative Essay Writing

If you are a student whose aim is to graduate from a particular establishment, you will have to successfully complete several written assignments. One common assignment is the informative essay. These essays serve the primary purpose of providing readers with detailed and comprehensive information on a given topic. To do this, the writer needs to have good knowledge of the topic or issue they are writing about to a) cover it from a variety of perspectives, b) explain it clearly, and c) ensure their paper is written in a logical way.

An informative essay has one notable feature, which is to ignite the interest of readers in the chosen topic. So, to end up with a paper that gets a high grade, the writer needs to know as much as possible about the essay’s theme and possess the skill to convey their thoughts in a well-organized fashion. In a nutshell, extensive research, a comprehensive outline, having good example essays to refer to, and adhering to the recommendations of our experts are key ingredients for creating a real masterpiece.

Where to Begin the Process of Writing an Informative Essay?

  • When you are given an informative essay assignment, begin by carefully studying the instructions and requirements of the assignment and collect any information you deem relevant. Familiarize yourself with the required type of sources (primary sources or secondary sources) so that you know where to look for the necessary information. Understand the paper’s word count, content, and formatting style. Know what deadline you are working to so that you can start as soon as possible, allowing time in the end for possible revision.
  • The next task is to select a suitable topic. This is very important because your choice of topic will have a bearing on the various stages as you proceed with the writing process. Choose something that is easy to locate information on. By the same token, though, your essay should not be boring and/or trivial. Surprise your readers with intriguing facts and interesting statements. Consider who your readers are so that you know what information they may need or be interested in.
  • After choosing your topic, carry out any necessary research and do some brainstorming of the essay’s theme. This part can be fairly effort-intensive as well as time and attention-consuming. Write down any informative and interesting facts as you go along so that you do not miss essential details during the writing stage. Gather all necessary information before you proceed or you may forget certain important points. Once your supporting materials are ready, create an essay outline based on your thoughts and ideas and start writing your first draft.

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Tips for Choosing a Topic for an Informative Essay

Selecting a topic for an informative essay can cause considerable delay to the entire process if you have no idea what you are supposed to be writing about. While your tutor might allocate a precise essay topic, it is also possible to narrow down your choice according to the guidance they provide. When choosing a topic, make sure there is enough readily available information and literature sources to base your essay on. Sometimes, it makes more sense to look for the information you need before beginning the topic selection and writing stages.

As previously mentioned, selecting the best topic is a large part of the process. Therefore, prior to choosing, check that your chosen topic will be of interest to your audience. Steer clear of tired topics that have been written about countless times. As well as being eye-catching and appealing to your readers, a topic also needs to be one that motivates you. If it is not, it may be difficult for you to conduct extensive research on it and gather the information you need. A topic or theme you find exciting will make writing about it easier and you should be nicely surprised with the outcome.

Choosing a topic for an informative essay is not restricted by any particular rule. It largely depends on your interests, your tutor’s preferences, the applicable discipline, the number of words, and your educational level. For instance, it can be difficult to write 500 words on a broad-ranging topic. However, this is easy enough to achieve if the topic concerns your hobby or weekend activities. But please be aware that easy topics seldom achieve the best grade.

Good Topics for Informative Essays

  1. Ways to deal with insomnia and many other disorders.
  2. How to quit a bad job?
  3. Planning a perfect party.
  4. Lose your weight and stay healthy.
  5. Advice on how to meet a good roommate.
  6. How to spend free time without mobile devices.
  7. Quality time with friends.
  8. Sober means healthy.
  9. Math assignments and how to do them effectively.
  10. How to get a dream job?
  11. Attractive rental deals. Where to find them?
  12. How to find good topics for informative essays.
  13. How to make your speech persuasive?
  14. How education improves the lives of people.
  15. How will a college education improve your life in the future? Do you think that people who decide to drop out of college can achieve any success?
  16. Racial discrimination and inclusive education in public schools
  17. Can multiracial education have any positive effects on the development of fair relations among peers? Should public schools curricula include some classes for teaching students the basics of racial equality and justice? Are there any other measures that could help improve the situation?
  18. Can anti-terrorist campaigns be responsible for violence?
  19. What are the root causes of terrorism and public violence, and what anti-terrorist policies could help reduce the existing tensions in society?
  20. Can the security policies adopted by airports discriminate against the rights of passengers?
  21. What are the key policies adopted to promote airport security, and how discriminative are they?
  22. Sexual assault and harassment on campus -A problem that has been here for decades.
  23. What are the most typical measures taken by campuses to prevent sexual assault?
  24. Using cheap labor in the developing world – the morality and ethics of injustice.
  25. Do some economic analysis to determine if it is feasible to use the cheap labor force from the developing world. How much would these workers earn if they worked in a country like the U.S. or Germany? How would the global economy change if workers in the developing world received more money for their work?
  26. Bullying – an ethical violation or a crime?
  27. Analyze the legal sanctions imposed on bullies and provide evidence that these sanctions are sufficient or insufficient to stop bullying.
  28. Written or oral exams are not effective in evaluating students’ progress during the course.
  29. Share your thoughts on the relevance of written or oral exams in evaluating students’ knowledge. What other instruments should be in place to see how students progress in learning?
  30. Fast food is a new plague.
  31. The U.S. has some of the highest rates of obesity in the developed world. Should fast food be banned because it causes obesity? What are the economic and social ramifications of such decision?
  32. Children should use computers and the Internet only with adults?
  33. How does the Internet influence children and how to mitigate these effects?
  34. How to deal with violence at college?
  35. High rate of homelessness.
  36. Gun control issue in the U.S.
  37. Cybersecurity and how to make it stronger?
  38. How to get a diploma without getting into life debts?
  39. Factors of teen pregnancy.
  40. Mexico border and illegal immigrants.
  41. How to avoid stress while studying at college?
  42. Can government fight poverty?
  43. Is caffeine addiction real?
  44. Kids and their phobias.
  45. Syria and other world problems.
  46. Is there music censorship?
  47. Why so many teens suffer from diabetes?
  48. The English language and its evolution.
  49. Global warming and its consequences.
  50. Earthquakes around the world.
  1. Presidents who changed the world.
  2. ID theft. What is it?
  3. Criminal authorities in FBI.
  4. Executive branch in the US government.
  5. How to choose the right career?
  6. What top university is best for you?
  7. Do IT innovations help us?
  8. Astronomy and its discoveries.
  9. Architecture and its development.
  10. World War II period.
  11. How to reduce pollution in water?
  12. The UK’s most developed cities.
  13. Military system in the UAE.
  14. Modern society and censorship role.
  15. Achievements of Civil War.
  16. Types of diabetes.
  17. Environmental degradation.
  18. Modern technology and its effect on people.
  19. PC or laptop. What to choose?
  20. Why some countries do not refuse nuclear power?
  21. How to stop child abuse?
  22. World cultures.
  23. Folklore of the Irish.
  24. Main characters of the Bible.
  25. Who founded your school?
  26. Reasons of a good education.
  27. The youngest billionaires in the world.
  28. Does magic exist?
  29. Is it good to start your career by working in the fast-food industry?
  30. Can medicine cure mental disorders?
  31. How to overcome depression?
  32. Different disorders among teens.
  33. Is it worth going to the Prom?
  34. Do you need to join the gaming industry?
  35. Can you raise a squirrel as a pet?
  36. Comic books and how everything started?
  37. How to improve National Parks?
  38. Do we need to wear school uniform?
  39. Importance of minerals and vitamins for a teen’s life.
  40. TV shows and their influence on children.
  41. How to weave a basket?
  42. Ways not to get lost in the woods.
  43. How to get the highest grades?
  44. How to spend the last summer month by the seaside?
  45. Video games evolution.
  46. Dream interpretation.
  47. My experience in Disneyland.
  48. Vegetarianism.
  49. Fighting with domestic violence.
  50. Basketball players.
  51. Texting while driving.
  52. Tattoos and their effect.
  53. Training daily.
  54. Cinematography vs Theatre.
  55. Pros and cons of prostitution.
  56. Blood donation.
  57. Modern life and nutrition.
  58. Life of Michael Jackson.
  59. Homosexuality in the families.
  60. Gambling an unhealthy habit.

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