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Psychological Hacks to Gain the Advantage in Social Situations

The social situation is one of the indispensable moments in our lives, and we can’t do anything with that, no matter how desperately we’ve ever tried to. The question is how we gain the advantage in the social situation, and do we gain it at all? Check out the suggested psychological hacks that will help […]Read more

Presents’ Ideas for Your Boyfriend

If choosing creative gifts for your boyfriend has ever made you feel nervous and stuck, be sure there are a number of girls who feel the same way. Moreover, the situation is the same every year, especially, before Christmas Eve, New Year, Easter, birthday, St. Valentine’s Day, and other holidays: millions of girls simply overload […]Read more

Best Motivational Books for Students

At college, students mostly read books assigned to them by their professors and tutors. When writing this article about best motivational books, we decided to find out what students prefer to read in their free time, so we interviewed active fourth and fifth grade students and asked about the books they would recommend their peers. […]Read more

Google Tips and Tricks That Are Worth Knowing

This article reveals the most interesting and useful Google secrets you need to see in order to be able to perform well in college. Considering the fact that Google power searcher is an effective tool for learning, it is reasonable to get at least the gist of how it works. Therefore, here is a handy […]Read more

How To Write A Truly Terrible Research Paper? (Infographic)

Students face this task numerous times throughout their academic career, having to complete various types of research papers and if you want to be remembered by a professor, you have to stand out. One of the easiest ways to do this is to submit a terrible research paper done all wrong. Use Wiki. Who needs […]Read more

8 Great Study Tips for 2018

Most people love to create New Year resolutions, thinking this year should be different. They make unrealistic plans and then feel completely devastated by the end of the year. Your plans won’t work, unless you divide every big goal into simple steps to follow and track. Today, I’d like to help you plan a better […]Read more

Things to Do During Winter Break If You Aren’t Going On Vacation

Winter time is the middle of finals. However, the fact that it brings winter break with a lot of fun adds a lot of optimism.Read more

Christmas Books You Should Read

Christmas vacation is not only holidays and meetings with relatives. It is necessary to spend this time with a benefit for you.Read more

Original Ideas to Celebrate Christmas This Year

Hey, people! Do you realize that Christmas holidays are at hand? Are you already in that anxious expectation of magical mood, elate feelings, fabulously lit up streets, preparation of gifts or, maybe, when getting older Christmas time has started to lose that childish fascination you used to have before?Read more

Movies to Watch over Winter Break

Winter vacation is about time to get off the preparation for the holidays. All people are busy with shopping and other worries. It is immensely interesting, but at the same time, tiring.Read more

Survival Tips for Winter Break

It is always a pleasure to come back home after a hard study semester. However, many students suffer from various home things they do not have in a dorm.Read more

Where to Go in December

December is not only the time of holidays and gifts. Many people have vacations in December, and this is a good opportunity to go on a trip.Read more

Transform a Bad Day into a Good Day

Having a bad day is an ordinary thing, we don’t live in a fairy tale. Someone has stepped on your foot; you’ve missed the bus, spilled coffee on your shirt before an important meeting or even dropped down your phone in the toilet.Read more

Ways to Survive The End of The Semester

The end of the semester is a very difficult time for many students. Many people dream about holidays and do not want to pay due attention to their studies at this time.Read more

Should I Drop a Class?

Each time when a student is too exhausted and overloaded with classes he/she is tempted to drop the class.Read more