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Where to Go in December

December is not only the time of holidays and gifts. Many people have vacations in December, and this is a good opportunity to go on a trip.Read more

Transform a Bad Day into a Good Day

Having a bad day is an ordinary thing, we don’t live in a fairy tale. Someone has stepped on your foot; you’ve missed the bus, spilled coffee on your shirt before an important meeting or even dropped down your phone in the toilet.Read more

Ways to Survive The End of The Semester

The end of the semester is a very difficult time for many students. Many people dream about holidays and do not want to pay due attention to their studies at this time.Read more

Should I Drop a Class?

Each time when a student is too exhausted and overloaded with classes he/she is tempted to drop the class.Read more

How to Improve Your Memory & Brainpower

Have you ever wanted to be able to remember the most ordinary things and details with no effort and simply comprehend the new ones?Read more

10 Lovely Thanksgiving Traditions We Have Forgotten

Of course, every one of us has their way to celebrate Thanksgiving Day and most probably this traditional way comes from how our parents approached celebrations.Read more

Ways to Study When You’re Tired

Every student has been there: having to burn the midnight oil preparing for the exam when there is an irresistible urge to go to the cozy and warm bed.Read more

Essay Writing Tips

Writing an essay is a time-consuming and difficult task, which is not always possible for many students. In order to learn how to write a good essay, you need have a lot of practice.Read more

How to Make Your Brain Faster and More Productive

There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can use to make your brain work faster and better, but in all cases, good brain health is based on alimentation, healthy habits and mental exercises. So if you want how to boost your brainpower these exercises are for you: Keep your eyes closed and […]Read more

The History of Veterans Day

Veterans Day is the best day of the year to honor military personnel and express respect and gratitude for their service and efforts. It’s a great day for every American citizen because it celebrates courage and strength of people who are putting their life at risk for the sake of the well-being of our great […]Read more

How to Survive Finals Week

When the time comes, every student starts wondering how to get through finals week.Read more

The Best Ideas How to Organize Halloween Party Having a Small Budget

It’s no secret that being broke might mean that you will find it really difficult or even almost impossible to throw a fascinating Halloween party without skimping out. In spite of the fact that the struggle may seem frightening, you can take the bull by the horns and still put your plan into action.Read more

How To Be A Great Student

Probably, every student dreams of being the best in school and having the highest rating. In fact, it is not very easy to be successful as studying requires a lot of time and effort, albeit it is possible. These tips will tell you how to become a great student just in a while.Read more

How To Manage Your Time Well

College life is usually quite hectic and busy. You have to combine your education with personal life in a way that you were satisfied with both. Although it is sometimes difficult to manage, there are some golden rules that connected with the most important thing in college – time management.Read more

Tips to Improve Your Writing

Writing can be of various types: from school essays to business correspondence. Regardless of what your reason for writing is, you’ll find the following tips for better writing to be immensely helpful:Read more