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Divine Intelligence

Why is it called divine intelligence? The universe is aware of the things you have to go through in order to achieve your end goal. Can’t understand what’s your purpose in life? Or maybe you are still waiting from the universe to give you everything on a plate? What is Meant by the Term Divine […]Read more

How to Get a Google Internship

An internship in such a huge company as Google gives a lot of prospects for further employment and study. Many students from all over the world dream of participating in the Google BOLD Internship program. Many young people think that getting into this company is very difficult and cannot dare even just to apply. Frankly […]Read more

How to Write an Essay Fast

In ideal circumstances, you have enough time not only to create and polish an essay but also to laze around before writing. You are not in a hurry, and you have all the time in the world to produce a masterpiece. Unfortunately, the ideal world exists merely in our dreams. The harsh reality provides you […]Read more

Writing Tips for Young Writers

Writing any assignment requires work. You have to do a thorough research, collect the data, write the paper, revise and edit it carefully. Moreover, I know for sure that revision is one of the most important stages of working on a paper. You should not only revise the content, but also find all grammar, punctuation […]Read more

What to Get Instead of MBA

There is a tendency among college students to choose MBA as the most prospective degree. However, is there a chance to opt for a degree off the beaten track and work your way up the career ladder? Alternatives do exist and here is a list of advanced and even more attainable college offers. Before chasing […]Read more

What does Hawking’s Books Reveal about the True Nature of Our Surrounding?

If you are curious about the way the universe and nature are organized, then Hawking books are the best source to get to know about these things. Both Stephen Hawking and his colleague Leonardo Mlodinow spared no effort to create an amazing book on physics revealing the most puzzling things about all existence. The title […]Read more

The Best Hidden Abilities of iPhone

The capabilities of the iPhone are its main shtick. Unlike other devices, all the functions of Apple smartphones are thoroughly worked out, and therefore, they work smoothly and reliably. The new device has all the most necessary options that allow you to use the Internet comfortably, make calls, take and watch videos. However, iOS phones […]Read more

12 Tips to Ace your Online Course

So here is our list of top tips for online classes for those who are considering the idea of online education or have already started their degree online. Vey often students are wondering whether is online classes hard thing to deal with once you are out of the classroom. So let us provide you with […]Read more

Best Alien Books Fiction

If you are the one who has been stuck in a rut and now is trying to find “the colors”, which will make your life more exciting, refer to the literature. Alien novels written in the 20th century will spice your life up, and the reality will not be that dull and grim as it […]Read more

Psychological Hacks to Gain the Advantage in Social Situations

The social situation is one of the indispensable moments in our lives, and we can’t do anything with that, no matter how desperately we’ve ever tried to. The question is how we gain the advantage in the social situation, and do we gain it at all? Check out the suggested psychological hacks that will help […]Read more

Presents’ Ideas for Your Boyfriend

If choosing creative gifts for your boyfriend has ever made you feel nervous and stuck, be sure there are a number of girls who feel the same way. Moreover, the situation is the same every year, especially, before Christmas Eve, New Year, Easter, birthday, St. Valentine’s Day, and other holidays: millions of girls simply overload […]Read more

Best Motivational Books for Students

At college, students mostly read books assigned to them by their professors and tutors. When writing this article about best motivational books, we decided to find out what students prefer to read in their free time, so we interviewed active fourth and fifth grade students and asked about the books they would recommend their peers. […]Read more

Google Tips and Tricks That Are Worth Knowing

This article reveals the most interesting and useful Google secrets you need to see in order to be able to perform well in college. Considering the fact that Google power searcher is an effective tool for learning, it is reasonable to get at least the gist of how it works. Therefore, here is a handy […]Read more

How To Write A Truly Terrible Research Paper? (Infographic)

Students face this task numerous times throughout their academic career, having to complete various types of research papers and if you want to be remembered by a professor, you have to stand out. One of the easiest ways to do this is to submit a terrible research paper done all wrong. Use Wiki. Who needs […]Read more

8 Great Study Tips for 2018

Most people love to create New Year resolutions, thinking this year should be different. They make unrealistic plans and then feel completely devastated by the end of the year. Your plans won’t work, unless you divide every big goal into simple steps to follow and track. Today, I’d like to help you plan a better […]Read more