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Of course, every one of us has their way to celebrate Thanksgiving Day and most probably this traditional way comes from how our parents approached celebrations.

10 Lovely Thanksgiving Traditions We Have Forgotten

And it’s easy to understand because Thanksgiving Day is a traditional holiday, so why not to follow traditions? But, have you asked yourself what can you do to extend, deepen and heighten the experience of this great holiday? Here are top 10 forgotten Thanksgiving traditions that are worth following:  

  1. Start a day with relaxing breakfast. Start a day in a festive way with waffles, eggs, and even a pie!
  2. Before you spend time with your family, spend some time for yourself. Thanksgiving is wonderful but it can also be overwhelming and exhausting. That’s why it’s important to take some time for yourself to make sure that you’re really enjoying the day.
  3. Remember those who have passed. Unfortunately, some beloved people will not be present on the gathering. Remember them and honor their memory.
  4. Write what you’re thankful for. Thanksgiving is for acknowledging what you’re thankful for so write it on a huge piece of paper and invite other family members to join you.
  5. Let people toast! Toasting people add up to the spirit of the holiday. Raise your glass to your family, friends, the passing year or whatever you want to.
  6. Let the kids serve dessert. It would be fun if you let the kids serve coffee and dessert after the meal.
  7. Celebrate Thanksgiving with dinner. Thanksgiving dinner should be a dinner, not a supper or early afternoon. If you’re having a Thanksgiving dinner during the dinner time it slows the day down and makes the rest of the day more enjoyable.
  8. Talk a walk with your family after the dinner. There will be no room for dessert after the dinner so why not to take walk with your loved ones?
  9. Treat yourself if there are only two of you. It’s not a problem if you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving without a huge holiday. It only means that you can have even more fun! Grab this opportunity.
  10.  Connect with family members who live far away. Sometimes the whole family can’t get together on Thanksgiving Day. If that’s the case technologies give you an opportunity to get together virtually. Make a video call before the dinner and don’t allow anyone to feel forgotten. Make it an annual tradition.  

Have a great Thanksgiving Day!