If you are the one who has been stuck in a rut and now is trying to find “the colors”, which will make your life more exciting, refer to the literature. Alien novels written in the 20th century will spice your life up, and the reality will not be that dull and grim as it seems now. Devote some time to reading the following aliens novels and derive joy from them!

Best Alien Books

Top Alien Books

  1. “Ringworld” – Larry Niven, 1970

The novel written by Larry Niven tops this list simply due to the awards it received, namely Nebula, Locus, and Hugo. These awards speak volumes for all those who are keen on science fiction. Being a classic of science fiction literature and one of the best alien franchise books, the novel has sequels and prequels, the number of which is three and four respectively.

The story evolves around the expedition, which aims at the exploration of the ringworld – a huge ring, which encircles a sun-like star. The inner surface of this ring is supposed to be a habitable place. With the deep yearning to prove it, the characters set the beginning of the story.

  1. “Solaris” – Stanislav Lem, 1961

This author became so prominent due to one quite simple yet compelling reason – his aliens are the representatives of the other species and the communication with them is impossible. To put it simply, the aliens are alien. The human beings are going to great lengths to establish a channel of communication with the living creatures from the outer space. What is more, the humans are human. They act illogically, are late, fail to see their mistakes, and remain human despite all ordeals.

“Solaris” is one of the best alien contact books. If you want to call yourself a true science fiction bookworm, delve into this novel and enjoy reading.

  1. “Star Maker” – Olaf Stapledon, 1937

If you have already spent some time with Olaf Stapledon and his story “Last and First Men”, you shall not miss “Star Maker.” If you are of the opinion that you have already witnessed everything, namely the 2-billion-year history from nowadays till the end of the human race, I make the apologies for disappointing you. The ideas presented in “Last and First Men” are developed in “Star Maker”. In the latter novel, there is no plot. You witness the whole history of the Universe, from the birth till the death through decay. There are no leading characters as far as they are not needed. It illustrates the history of ascensions, evolutions, and crushes of different races. In addition, the creatures who live in this Universe give a thought to the problem of the Creator’s existence and His interaction with the creation.

The above-mentioned novels will unequivocally kindle the spark of interest in you. Make your first steps to the world of science fiction with the best UFO books!

P.S. If you have not read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”by Douglas Adams, “Hyperion” by Dan Simmons, and “Dune” by Frank Herbert, start your journey to the alien world with the best science fiction best sellers!