It’s no secret that if you make up your mind to mull over different university rankings, you will have to calculate your chances of becoming a student at the world’s top universities.
Despite the fact that this might sound as bad news to you, we have to tell you that not all of us are considered to be Oxbridge or Harvard material. Nevertheless, does it really mean that your future is over if you don’t succeed in getting into a top university?

Attending Top University

In this article, we’ve decided to look into the hype around various university rankings, as well as contemplate whether the consequences of not being awarded with a chance to attend the world’s best university can be called crippling ones.

Have you ever thought that attending a top university could rob you of an opportunity to follow your dreams?

One of the world’s notable authors Malcolm Gladwell in his famous book David and Goliath puts forward an idea that the process of attending the world’s best university may cause a student to feel himself as if he is a “little fish in a big pond.” As a matter of fact, he may think of himself as of an insignificant person in comparison with his more successful peers.
Due to the fact that top universities are considered to be highly selective with regard to their students, you may realize that you become overwhelmed as you make an attempt to compete with the most talented students all around the world. As a result, those who don’t manage to be as successful as their class mates may find themselves losing confidence and experiencing a lack of morale and motivation. In fact, this could even lead to dropping out, in spite of the fact that they could definitely be successful students.

University rankings indubitably don’t tell you the whole story

It’s a well-known fact that each year we get the results of diverse university rankings. They might be international or local. Even though there are some pros in referring to them, it’s needed to also mention about the cons of university rankings.
To begin with, a lot of international university rankings prefer valuing traditional universities because they conduct huge volumes of scientific research. Consequently, this can underestimate the importance of those universities that concentrate on art and humanities. What is more, younger universities are also put at a disadvantage, although they may make their emphasis on market-readiness and employability of their graduates.
Apart from that, each student should take into consideration some other delicate elements that also refer to his experience at university, including opportunities to find friends who have the same interests as he does, an inspiring array of activities, a vibrant and perfect campus environment. Without any doubt, nothing from this list can be reflected in different university rankings.

Employers try to look for diverse qualities in their potential employees

Undoubtedly, top companies are thought to be such that mostly hire graduates from top universities. It is worth mentioning that the top 20 schools Google hires their workers from are all in the list of top 100 in the world.
However, it doesn’t mean for you the end of the line just because of the fact that you’re not graduating from any of these universities.
To tell you the truth, there are many characteristics that lots of employers in Malaysia love to look for in their potential employees. Frankly speaking, numerous employers state that bad character and poor command of English, are believed to be the top reasons why fresh graduates remain unemployed.
Taking into consideration the fact that over 200,000 students are graduating annually, employers are trying to look beyond alma mater and student’s academic qualifications as the deciding factor. As a matter of fact, they focus on other factors, namely multitasking abilities, communication skills, and leadership qualities.

Bear in mind, if you get your chance to attend the world’s best university, it doesn’t mean you’ve got an instant ticket to happiness

In 2013, Pew Research Center conducted a survey in the United States, proving that students that graduated from American private colleges were equally satisfied regarding their personal lives and careers in comparison with those who attended public colleges.

Your university experience depends mainly on you and what you decide to make of it

It’s no secret that if you can attend a world-class university, it means that you will be provided with an unprecedented and unforgettable experience. Truly speaking, for starters, such top universities have facilities that are believed to be state-of-the-art so that learning can be revolutionized and you can be provided with perfect practical experience. Apart from that, small class sizes and top-notch teaching staff are also relevant advantages.

Nevertheless, who can dare and tell you that your university experience is over just because of the fact that you cannot be good enough at making the grades in order to afford you studying at a premier institution overseas.
Actually, you ought to bear in mind that your university experience is rather about what you make up your mind to make of it. Remember, it doesn’t matter which educational institution you attend, there you will be able to take advantage of many opportunities and get involved in various activities.

While universities are responsible for preparing you for the workforce, it’s your own motivation, good character, and hard work that play an important role in shaping your undergraduate experience. Thus, while we encourage you to think about your university choices in a thorough way, keep in mind, your future is your choice. It lies in your talented hands!