In many cases, parental tips on how to choose a career misguide the youth. These mistakes can be avoided after realizing that the modern workplace is different from the classic one. Dear parents, keep abreast and never offer your kids questionable pieces of advice.

Misleading Advice for Children

1. Obtain a Prestigious Degree

Higher education is important, but you should not strain every nerve to obtain a high-profile qualification. A prestigious degree is costly. Your university years will turn into a nightmare because you will be obliged, besides intense studying, to find a part-time job to pay off your student loans. Thus, even if a famous law school is not your Alma Mater, it does not mean you will get a low-paid job. The contemporary world provides miscellaneous opportunities. For instance, you can earn enough money, keeping a blog on your hobbies. Stop following the American Dream – create your own.

2. Be Loyal to One Employer 
Traditional parents often warn against job hopping. They are afraid it would negatively affect their children’s reputation and further opportunities. In practice, it has become usual and even beneficial. It is normal to change many jobs before turning 30. Starting with the entry-level jobs, the youth expand their experience, accepting other job offers – that’s how career evolution works. Young people are in demand, and if they possess good skills, they have an incessant opportunity to be employed over and over again. Job hopping endows employees with versatile abilities, reveals their preferences, and maintains career passion. 

3. Don’t Mention Time Off 
The enthusiasm to start a new job will possibly make you forget about your personal life for a while. However, if you do not discuss the desired time off with your prospective executives, you risk missing all family holidays and creative events you like to visit. If a schedule of a chosen job impedes your private plans, do not be afraid to decline it. Otherwise, you will turn into a desperate workaholic. 

4. Get Employed after the Graduation 
Do the opposite – travel the world. It is not a whim anymore. Discovering our planet is an enriching trend that broadens horizons and gives genuine knowledge. Even universities keep creating specialized programs with different educational opportunities for the graduates abroad. Young adults who land a job after the graduation are usually less creative and often choose wrong career paths. You need to leave your comfort zones and gain precious experiences outside your native borders. 

Parents are main educators in the life of their children, but their career planning tips may harm. While endowing their offsprings with cardinal virtues, they should allow children to make independent decisions.