The things you associate with this magical winter holiday season are all like warm chocolate, scented candles, twinkling garlands, and, no doubts, Christmas action movies. Gather with the beloved ones and entertain yourself with a couple of films to feel the spirit of X-mas. Here is our list of the free Christmas movies to enjoy watching during the weekends. 

  • Just Friends

The motion picture is the top rated one among funny Christmas movies. The star cast represented by Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris guarantee amusing and satisfactory viewing. The star of Deadpool appears here to be a young fellow who comes back home for the holidays. In the past, he was a teen who has had weight problems, and he proves to be a cheerful and joyous person. 

  • Love Actually

This is a nice lovely story that catches fans attention with its sense humor, playfulness, good cheer, and coziness. 

  • Elf

A naïve yet optimistic buddy, Will Ferrell sets off on a journey to the hustle city called New York. His purpose is to find his true self and to understand his place in the world. Starting from his childhood, he spent his life in the North Pole with elves, so he has a quite different vision of life. The new place of living seems to be difficult and cruel, but he finds it extremely interesting. 

  • Gremlins

Probably, you have always dreamed of receiving such a cute gift as a mogwai. The main hero of the movie gets the one, but he doesn’t pay much attention to the rules of his bringing up. Oh, disaster, he nourishes the creature after midnight. As a result, it draws on Gremlins. Go ahead and get to know what happens when the situation gets more dangerous. 

  • The Preacher’s Wife

This is an adorable remake of the movie produced in 1947. The picture’s title is The Bishop’s Wife with Courtney B. Vance, Whitney Houston, and Denzel Washington starring. The new version is directed by Penny Marshall, who takes just brilliant producer’s decisions. 

  • The Family Stone

It may happen that the plot of the movie is not the most distinctive and authentic ever. Nevertheless, you will certainly be won over by the star names in the list of the cast. Just imagine Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, and Sarah Jessica Parker all acting flawlessly together. 

  • Die Hard

The film starts with a pre-Christmas day when the party accidentally fails. It illustrates picturesque weather with snow and other attributes that are so essential to create a true holiday mood. “Winter Wonderland” fits perfectly for a soundtrack to the movie. 

  • Home Alone

Is there any film that is more legendary as Home Alone? It would be so nostalgic to watch and recall the times when you were so young and enjoyed this motion picture having your mouth opened. 

  • The Holiday

Two beautiful yet lonely ladies decide to swap homes for the winter holiday. Two stellar actresses, Kate Winslet, and Cameron Diaz do their best to make the adventure the most absorbing. Their brevity for such resolution presents them their lovers. 

  • The Polar Express

The film tells the story created by Chris Van Allsburg book, which is well-known and so much loved by children. The train is in overdrive to the North Pole in expectation of magical events to happen. 

  • About a Boy

Hugh Grant plays a role of a misbehaving child who is a high roller due to his father’s fee-earning from Christmas song. Due to the certain events happening in his life, he finally matures. 

  • A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

This is a fine comedy where the characters are concentrated on the search for a new Christmas tree. Two friends, Harold Lee and Kumar Patel, who haven’t seen each for about seven years, finally reunite to take up the mission of saving the Christmas with a new tree. 

  • The Best Man Holiday

Holiday is a serious reason for meeting with the dear people and cast mind back on the happy and precious things you have gone through together. This is the story about two college friends. 

  • A Christmas Story

A Christmas story is a 1983 comedy film based on the semi-fictional anecdotes of Jean Shepherd. Is there any other classic film for a North American like this? 

  • Mean Girls

A movie constitutes an intriguing high school story for the teen audience. Despite being produced in 2004, the film is still up-to-date and fits for an evening viewing when you feel like watching something unobtrusive and pleasant,

  • Serendipity

It is undeniably one of the best romantic Christmas movies worth watching. Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack look so cute together. The day they first saw each other, they wanted to buy the same pair of cashmere gloves. Let’s watch it and see what fate lies in the store for them.

  • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

How wonderful and charming is New York with all the holiday decorations and the spirit of Christmas to come! The next part of a sequel presents a new adventurous holiday of Kevin who is again lost and all on his own. Plaza Hotel is the place he chooses for his stay and continuously trying to find his family. 

Follow our list of free Christmas movies and get tuned with the festive season that is coming. There are even more magnificent movies to choose from, for example, A Christmas Carol, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Frozen, A Christmas Prince, It’s a Wonderful Life, and others. Devote some time to watching one of them and you will not regret as it will surely a nice option for appending an unforgettable time with your family or friends.