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Conflict resolution tips

Conflict is an integral part of our life. You can be a very polite and tolerant person, but you cannot be pleasant in every situation and with everyone. You may have a conflict in a local supermarket or with your neighbor even when you do not expect it. Dealing with conflict is the necessary skill in life. When conflicts create disorder in your life, obviously, you want to avoid them. If you seek for conflict resolution, do not follow the tips below.
Bad tips (tips to avoid)
Conflict resolution tips Of course, your point of view has the right to exist. In any case, there will be people who will not support or share it. You can have your own way and stand firm at any cost. Are you sure that it is useful for you? It is sometimes better to hear other people’s thoughts. At least, do it in order to compare different opinions and to choose a better one. Nobody wants to work with a person who does not want to look for a compromise. 
Conflicts need to be solved. Unfortunately, they seldom vanish into thin air. You can ignore them, but it does not mean they do not exist. In result, your problem can only increase. I do not call you to conflict, but try to look into the question and find a decision. 
The position of physical force can help you only in the dark side street at night if you need to defend yourself. Physical force does not work as an argument for supporting your opinion. Clever people try to settle any conflict very quickly.
Maybe you are a big boss and have a habit to shift a part of your responsibilities to other people. You can entrust your employee to solve a conflict situation. In this case, you should understand that the result is unforeseen. It is better to run into problems yourself. 
It is not worth to be afraid of conflicts. Do not initiate them, but if they happen, be ready to face them.