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On Continuing Education & Serving People

All successful people of our planet share a similar trait – they never stop their education process, and they never let their schooling stand in the way of their education.

what_to_do_after_schoolThe true type of learning is a lifelong affair which is always accompanied by amazing discoveries. If you had a different perspective on learning, or you don’t even want to think about continuing your studies after college, then you have a wrong perception of learning, or you haven’t yet learned something that you like. For the reason that when you study something you like, you lose yourself in the process. All major successes are based on doing something that a person really likes. Do what you like and make your education a lifetime process. Those are my first and foremost pieces of advice. But there are more to follow.

Tips for Graduates: How to Follow Your Heart

Having understood that learning is permanent doesn’t make all other questions like “What to do after high school?” disappear. To answer them in a proper way, you should spend some time introspecting and self-questioning. Define something you enormously like, make sure that you truly like it, and go for it! Create your own rules and don’t let anyone limit you. Rules are formal and often outdated. Let your heart and your head be your compass and be open to the new options around you. You can get an unimaginable opportunity tomorrow, but if you are not ready to take it, you won’t even notice it. Being open requires a special kind of mindset which you have to train yourself to achieve.

Consider that these tips come from someone who’s been out there in the real world – I have constructed my own professional reality where I choose whom to work with. The important thing when working with people is to be genuine and to serve them. Once your goal becomes serving people rather than earning money, you will see opportunities everywhere.

The false representations about work life are just by-products of a lame education system because people are learned to get money rather than bring value. But it is only by brining value, you can really earn money.