Why is it called divine intelligence? The universe is aware of the things you have to go through in order to achieve your end goal. Can’t understand what’s your purpose in life? Or maybe you are still waiting from the universe to give you everything on a plate?

Divine intelligence

What is Divine Intelligence Definition? What does It Mean to You?

Each of us was thinking about the reason why they were put on this earth at least once. Do you know how many methods are there for every individual living on the planet for achieving their intended journey and purpose in life? This type of knowledge and planning is created individually for 7 billion people, for each child born. I do believe that it points to a higher intelligence which intention is general welfare for every single human being, although not without challenge and sacrifice.

No matter what background you are from or religion you practise, mind that it’s only you who can dictate the rules. I mean that it’s not life or life’s circumstances that determine your level of happiness and success in general. Your lifelong journey, which is life, indeed is entirely in your hands.

You’ve Already Got the Most Amazing Gift, a Supreme Power to Be Able to Decide whether to Fail or Succeed in Life

You might say that it’s easier said than done, yes, for sure. But still, ask yourself honestly: how many times you tend to forget about this greatest gift? Undoubtedly life can be hard; sometimes, it might be a full pack of pain. When you feel that everything is wrong and things never seem to be better at all, remind yourself about your supreme power, the greatest gift ever! Don’t let even the bitterest tear on your cheek spoil the peace in your heart! You are a big boss here, whatever happens, keep in mind that it’s your decision and your reaction that matter. People tend to lay their responsibility for their lives, success, etc. on others. Of course, why not? It’s much easier, isn’t it?

How dare we blame the others for our failures and their causes? That’s the most stupid and ungrateful thing ever. Maybe it’s high time to admit where you’ve made the mistake or haven’t done anything good at all? When life throws challenges instead of self-pity master the power of decisions, your reactions, of course, if you want to be satisfied with your life. If your dreams and goals mean nothing to you, stand still and erase the memory of the power to decide, such a useless thing for a poor human being. Want me to get you a napkin, poor creature?

Every life phase, emotion, and event you went through was planned by a higher, divine being. But both your failure and success in your life are not pre-determined prior to your birth; it’s totally up to you which choice to make.

If you can realize how this cycle works and how it influences your life, you get the understanding of the universe and awareness of divine intelligence and what it has given to you. Initially what may have looked like a curse will turn into a real blessing by means of further understanding.

The Greater Challenges You are Sent, the Greater Your Reward will Be

The universe won’t send you the challenge you cannot manage. Why shouldn’t then you face it determined? The thorniest road leads to the most beautiful destination. You can’t even imagine how satisfying your prize will be once you’ve overcome those challenges. The person, who you’ve become, will be a stranger to the one that used to be before. You might have never imagined how courageous and fearless you are.

Isn’t it unfair that humans suffer? The answer is more complicated than you might think. There is a place for everyone, a place where you are meant to be.

Everyone suffers not for nothing. Humans’ pain is never meant to be wasted in the universe, never. The reasons for that are:

  1. You are a lesson to others.
  2. You learn from others.
  3. Your actions and words become a tool with the help of which you teach other people.

People are different, some of them are to learn, some to protect, some to educate and teach, or be the power for those who feel lack of it. People with a negative purpose in life do exist and they always will be. Amazing fact, that society needs such people. Even more, people who fulfill a negative purpose are important in this world the same as those with a positive one. While someone wishes to harm others, another one will gather all their strengths and courage to fight for others in order to protect. That’s the balance. Why would we need firefighters if there wouldn’t ever be a fire? Every single human being is valuable to world change.

According to universe design, people can learn lessons not only individually, but also together, as one.

An individual lesson suggests your personal growth as personality, while the lesson that humanity learns together provides a brighter future for this world. The most brilliant examples of such lesson concern equal rights for black and white people, women’s right to vote, etc.