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Easter Sunday Celebration

Easter SundayBeing one of the most popular and celebrated religious holidays, Easter is time of rejoicings and the triumph of life.

As Easter proclaims the might of love that gives people the faith in eternal life after death that is possible thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus Crist who died on the cross, Christians find the very essence of this holiday hopeful and vivacious. Most of them start their thorough preparation for the holiday long before its actual date, which is, by the way, changeable, and don’t spare efforts for fasting, preparing the festive meal, and filling hearts and minds with light and divine spirit.

Brief Excursus into Easter Celebration in America

Sadly, but after settling on the new continent, the European migrants didn’t really celebrate Easter, preferring to stick to their Puritans beliefs and unwillingness to perform mass rejoicings. However, the situation has changed substantially over the years. It took over 150 years for Americans to recommence the glorification of Crist resurrection typical of Christian religion. Nowadays, the vast majority of our citizens celebrate Easter to a certain extent, either following the church canons or their own traditions, like eggs hunting. 

Divine Services
Prior to Easter Sunday, Christians start holiday celebration on Good Friday – the day when Christ died on the cross and so began his sacred sacrificial journey to immortal life. However, Good Friday is more about mourning for Christ’s death and preparing the heart for accepting the God’s will. 
The centerpiece of Easter celebrations is the church services which are held at the dawn and symbolizes Christ’s resurrection, the new day and new page in the history of humankind when they were freed from the eternal hellfire and the burden of the sin. After participating in the divine service, Christians gather together at the family table, feasting, sharing love, hope, and faith. 

Egg hunts 
The tradition of coloring Easter eggs has really deep roots and has been constantly pursued by many families, as a colored egg is a symbol of renewal, new life being born in this world. Some Americans still continue to perform coloring process at home, making the eggs of all the rainbow colors. However, in America, the tradition was modified, so on Easter Sunday parents would hide the eggs from their children and turn all this festivity into a joyful egg hunt. Thanks to the abundance of products on the market, one can choose whether to buy chocolate eggs, plastic eggs, Easter bunnies or other holiday attributes or stick to the old custom of making own hard-boiled and colorful eggs and let the smallest participants of celebration look for them and compete for the prize. 

Parades on Easter Sunday
Easter is not only the family holiday but it also has a public resonance, as a lot of Americans anticipate another newly adopted tradition – Easter parades. Known since the 1850s, these parades attract the attention of all the people with the flamboyant costumes of the participants, marches, dancing, and bands performances, as it is a day to celebrate the power of life.
Despite the religious confession, Easter is a great holiday for all the people of the country, as its genuine meaning is so deep. It is truly the day of celebrating, enjoying life and sharing love.