The question may arise how to be productive when you don’t feel like working. The answer is common and simple. Just stick to the ensuing pieces of advice and find out how to be more effective at work as well as find inner power to overcome your laziness.


Eliminate the influence of things that make you feel doubt in the quality of your work

There are various approaches an employee usually uses to motivate the staff to work productively. Therefore, he can increase their salary or publicly express his gratitude to the employee for the work well done. On the one hand, it is a nice gesture of the manager towards his workers; on the other one, it can make some of them feel tensed. Most people do not like it and are subconsciously afraid to take on their professional duties. They are afraid to look unprofessionally in front of others and become less motivated and more stressed during the performance of the day-to-day tasks. If you also have such problem, you should focus your efforts on the prevention things that may negatively affect the results of your work. In this way, you will understand that the only way to get out of danger is to take an immediate action.

Develop a step-by-step plan to perform a work task

Most employees never start completing a new task immediately. They tend to rely on their willpower. Every employee believes that the strong will to do work will help them to complete any tasks before the deadline. They are not aware of the fact that the willpower of individuals is limited. Therefore, workers may feel the lack of the willpower when they have to do things they find tedious and complicated. The only solution for this problem can be the development a step-by-step plan for the task you are going to do in the future. By deciding in advance what you’re going to do, when and where you’re going to do it, you will find it easier to complete a workflow task efficiently without any stress and tension.

To sum up, employees should start dealing with procrastination in the way that is the most appropriate for them. Nevertheless, we hope that the information presented in the article will help you to increase your motivation at work.