Thanks to modern technology, students with different learning abilities have a chance to study in classrooms despite their disabilities that prevented them from studying in traditional schools in the past.

It is not only the benefit for children with special needs but also for ordinary students who may not realize that having a health problem does not mean being isolated.‚Äč

Check out the best online tools that were designed to help modern teachers work with children who have limited abilities.

Effective teaching strategies to educate students with special needs

1. Screen Readers. Designed for people with visual disabilities, screen readers allow students to read information shown on the computer screen with the help of a speech synthesizer. The American Foundation for the Blind recommends the tool to be used by students with low vision since it will prevent them from leaning to the screen when struggling to read a text.

2. Word Talk. Created by Microsoft Word, it is one of the top online tools intended to assist students with visual impairment, reading disabilities, and those who cannot use a mouse. Word Talk has the functions of reading the Microsoft Word documents aloud, creating and saving audio files.

3. Word Prediction tools with numerous applications that can be downloaded from the Internet are useful for students with writing challenges and memory difficulties. For instance, Word Prediction tools fasten the typing process by “predicting” words a person wants to enter.

4. Supernova Access Suite. This screen reader has many functions that correspond to the different needs of disabled students. The tool can be accessed at Students may use the free trial to check whether the program satisfies their particular needs.

5. Video Magnifiers. This learning tool is often referred to as a kind of closed-circuit television that transmits a magnified image on a screen using video or camera. The program helps students with vision disabilities to read their learning materials from a large TV screen.
It is pleasant to know that the number of educational tools for students with special needs grows every day. Try one of these educational opportunities and discover its benefits!