provides expert editing services to students who have essays, term and research papers, theses, dissertations, and other academic assignments and who now need professional editing services to turn a mediocre, possibly flawed, work into a piece worthy of submission to even the most discriminating instructor.

In order to provide this relatively inexpensive, yet critical, essay editing service, employs the services of a variety of professionals, dependent upon the level of the work, the content, and the breadth and depth of the structure and research involved.  Professional journalists and editors review and re-structure essays to ensure sound organizations, clarity, style, grammatical structure, vocabulary, spelling and mechanics.  These revisions are especially important to foreign students for whom English is a second language.  An essay editing service is also critical for students who have excellent ideas, concepts and opinions but who have difficulty organizing these into a coherent piece that will result in a superior grade.

For those engaged in complex research projects, involving data collection and analysis, synthesis of data and research in order to provide valid and academically-sound conclusions, transferring all of this work into a coherent, appropriately sequenced and organized, persuasive work can be daunting.  In this instance, our essay editing service contracts the services of Ph.D. academicians in the specific field of study of the work to be edited.

Your individually-assigned editor will perform several readings of your piece, as any truly professional essay editing service should provide.  The readings will locate and correct errors in the following areas:

1.       Organizational structure

2.       Coherence, clarity, and flow

3.       Appropriate transitional phrases, sentences and paragraphs

4.       Introductions and conclusions that appropriately capture the reader’s attention and summarize effectively.

5.       Sentence structure and variety of sentence type and length

6.       Subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement, as well as verb tense consistency

7.       Vocabulary, spelling and mechanics

8.       Proper formatting of footnotes and bibliography

The product that the premier essay editing services of returns to you will be impeccably written, edited, proofread and revised to meet the highest expectations of any instructor – guaranteed.

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