Every student has to deal with essay writing during his or her study. Here are some simple pieces of advice on how to write better.

Writing a Good Essay!

In order to write a good essay, the writer should follow some simple rules:

1. Put a question that requires argument.

Writing tips and techniques for your college essay

Do not understand this point literally. You do not have to put a question actually. However, your task is to choose a topic that discusses a situation or some issues that are up-to-date and that is interesting to the readers. Moreover, while reading your essay, the readers should ask themselves questions related to the topic and think about their own position concerning it.

2. Do not just describe the events from the past.

In order to write a really worthy essay, the writer should, first of all, remember about its purpose. The aim of every essay is to provide some viewpoint and express some interesting writing ideas, not just highlight the existing thoughts or the researches made by other people. The paper you write should be the result of your personal efforts, as well as the reflection of your own ideas. However, even if you discuss some past events, do not forget to connect them to your present experience.  

3. Share your feelings.

Do not be afraid to express your feelings connected to the topic you are working on. Share your experience and write about how the event or some issue influenced your opinion. It will make readers more attached to what you write and to you as a personality.

4. Be unpredictable.

In order to make your essay more exciting, think about something that would literally be a surprise to your reader.

5. Avoid summarizing information.

Many students, who deal with essay writing, tend to summarize information provided in the paper to make their points. This method is not always effective. To avoid such writing mistakes consider the following: concluding the information provided earlier is like preventing a reader from enjoying the final moment of a movie. Do not spoil it. On the contrary, make sure you keep the reader excited by making him/her read the meaning of your paper between the lines and interpret it in their own way, making the conclusions you wanted them to make. The information in the conclusion should represent your personal stand or express the decision you have made. Remember that little actions can sometimes say much more than loud words. The most important things are the meaning of the taken actions and the effects you wanted to make.