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Essay Writing Help: 9 Fun Tips

Do you want to become a good essay writer? Probably, yes. But have you ever thought that you can have fun while writing? Most likely, not. Go ahead and read our tips to learn how to write good essays and enjoy doing it!

Ways-to-Make-Essay-Writing-FunWriting Essays in College and Making It Fun

  1. Your essay is a story. Like any other piece of writing, it has a conflict (different ideas) and change (perception of these ideas).
  2. Ask yourself, “How much fun can I have now?” When you ask this question, you make your subconscious starts thinking of the strategies to make the writing process more exciting.
  3. Discover your interest. Don’t just write something your teacher wants to read. Find what interests and surprises YOU in the subject. If you do diligent research, you’ll certainly discover something interesting in any topic.
  4. Write five sentences to begin with. They are your thesis, three sentences for the main body that highlight your main arguments, and the conclusion. When you have these sentences completed, it’ll be much easier to fill in the paragraphs. Doesn’t look very hard, does it?
  5. Use many sources. When you don’t know what to say about your topic, quote or rephrase the authors who wrote something about it. Don’t forget to give a proper credit! And use this tip with caution as it doesn’t work on all teachers.
  6. Use the following order: introduction, main body, and conclusion. It’ll help you better summarize your main point.
  7. Avoid using certain words. They are: you (good for blog posts, but not for essays), some, that, things, as well as to be verbs and clichés. 
  8. Use Wikipedia wisely. Even though Wikipedia isn’t considered a valid source, it’s a good research tool. So, use it to do background research and find the sources you can cite.
  9. Don’t focus on approval. External rewards aren’t the most important thing. Let your subconscious open up the source of your creativity, instead of striving for approval! 


Those are ones of the best tips for college students on writing a great essay. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more and develop new skills. Try these tips out on, and you’ll see the result!