Checking freelance writing job board on a regular base takes a lot of time. Moreover, it doesn’t always end successfully. Sometimes, it’s a real struggle to find a legit well-paying writing gig to take a job. Instead of scanning mass online offers, choose a proactive approach. Create your own clients base with the help of prestigious writing jobs boards. So, here are the best platforms to do your research.

How to Find Online Writing Jobs

Best writing jobs from home

  1. Be a Freelance Blogger

This board charges you neither for viewing nor for listing job offers. A freelance writer can boldly take the job as this platform provides opportunities to earn about $50/blog post or $0.10/word. Every week, 3 writing jobs for editors,

bloggers and marketing content writers are available there. You can choose among tech, teaching, real estate, and fashion sections.

  1. Freelance Job

Both boards belong to Brian Scott who personally approves weekly lists. Except those posts you can subscribe for a newsletter, which provides you with 85 job offers a week. It’s perfect for telecommute home writers. Boards usually offer the following writing rates: $0.05/word-$0.35/word; $16-60/hour; $20-$100 per post. You can be engaged with such topics as nourishment, fashion, travel, cars, sports, etc.

  1. Ed2010

It’s a perfect board for beginners searching for income and experience. You can earn about $20-$25 per hour or $25-$150 per article, if you are really into editorial writing. 23 weekly job posts from Hearst, Meredith, Time Inc., Food Network, Martha Stewart, Redbook, and Rodale won’t let you get bored. They are looking for a content writer or a content editor for lifestyle websites. The board makes sure you’ll get at least a minimum wage.

  1. BloggingPro

Strictly legit 9 job offers a week focused on writing, bogging and copywriting contain a link to the original posting or a contact email. It’s a great opportunity to create content in popular topics and earn about $0.05/word-$0.60/word or $35-40/hour. Moreover, the board occasionally provides part-time gigs in some specific cities, like LA.

  1. FlexJobs

This board charges $15 monthly for viewing the job list. However, they have a lot to offer instead. You can find 188 job posts a week. Their paying rates vary from $10 to $40 per hour or $100-$125 per article. They work only with reputable employers, which provide flexible schedules and a variety of positions. Offers are scattered all over the world, with a couple having regional prerequisites.

Now you have a plenty of high-quality opportunities to work with. Take your chance.