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Free Online Learning Tools for the 21st Century!

We are living in the amazing time when opportunities to learn are so great. Do you know that your iPhone has more computing power than the Pentagon had in the times when spacecrafts were sent to the moon? With such possibilities, it is so silly to spend your time just for entertaining yourself.

The challenges of the 21st century show that our education system has already become obsolete and if we want to evolve, what and how we learn has to be improved drastically. Thankfully, there are people who understand this. They foster the development of new technologies and ways to study, which allow others to gain new useful knowledge without even leaving one’s room. The Internet, combined with a great mind and deathless spirit of inquiry, opens a completely new range of great opportunities. Let us use them!

Best Learning Websites for Adults

Online Study Tools for 21st Century Learning

1) How to Study –
Online learning becomes easy with resources like this. This great website has lots of study materials for teachers and students. Materials include self-assessment tests and over 100 articles with study tips.

2)  Study Blue –
Study Blue is one of the fastest developing online libraries. This resource offers review sheets, quizzes, study guides and many other outstanding materials provided by more than 350 million of users.

3) Studygs –
Studygs will help you to improve your studying process with all the offered strategies and study guides. Your studying will be a lot easier with this resource!

4) Study Stack –
Do you like using flashcards while studying? Then, this website is just for you. There is a huge stock of flashcards, which you can utilize to improve your study routine.

5) Quizlet –
Quizlet is rich in useful resources that were carefully selected to facilitate your learning experience. Be it quizzes, study games, tests, flashcards or guides, you will find all of it here. The best thing is that all these resources are available for free.
6) Bookrags –
22,000 essays and 6,000 study guides – what else could you ask for? This website is a real goldmine! And it is not all. Bookrags also has eBooks, answers to home assignments, lesson plans, etc. That is exactly what you need to enhance your study process.
7) Hippocampus –
Hippocampus offers new ways to learn. Watch one of the thousands of videos offered by this great learning resource.
There are much more resources existing today, but that list will definitely give you a good start!