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Fun, Free Things to Do This Summer

Summer is around the corner. How are you going to spend long spare hot days this year? It doesn’t matter if you’re with kids, friends, or relatives. Just have fun and transform your lazy summer into the unforgettable adventure.

How to have fun during summer

How to have fun during summerWe have compiled a list of summer vacation ideas which don’t require spending money. So, let’s start the ball rolling!

  1. Visit ideas

Find out if there are any local festivals or county fairs and enjoy the atmosphere. Moreover, visit a parade on some holiday (Memorial Day, Independence Day).

There always is some park or garden or forest waiting to impress you with a flourishing nature. Besides, you can do a variety of activities there. Have a picnic, for example.

Have you already been to all local museums, galleries, and libraries? Not to tell almost all of them have a free air conditioner.

Visit a zoo. (no need to comment)

Go fishing, go cycling, go for a hike, or simply go to the beach. I’m sure you’ll find a river, lake, ocean, mountain, or trail worth your attention.

Did you know that almost every gym offers the first attendance for free? Isn’t it a smart way to keep fit a little bit?

  1. Play ideas

Water is the most attractive place to play in summer. Visit a community pool or spray park and have fun there.

Put on your swimsuit and play in the sprinklers. Add some dish soap and have fun blowing bubbles.

If it’s too hot outside for you, enjoy the cool air conditioner playing a board game with your family. What is more, you can organize an online games race with friends. 

  1. Create ideas

Making something with your own hands is the best way to catch the moment.

Make photos or start a blog. You can go further and write a book. Have you ever thought about it?

Dying from heat? Make tasty icy popsicles.

Think of you happy childhood and built a secret shelter from pillows and blankets.

If you’re patient enough, you can make a small garden with flowers or spices.

  1. Other ideas

How to have fun this summer? Learn a new skill you’ve never had time for.

Every town has a Bible school. Let your children learn vital life lessons at least once a week.

Among others, get rid of the unnecessary stuff from your room with the help of a garage sale. 

Contribute to the society you live in and volunteer for a month.

The last one would be the most romantic. Pick up the day, the place, the weather and enjoy the sunrise at least once in your life.