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Google Tips and Tricks That Are Worth Knowing

This article reveals the most interesting and useful Google secrets you need to see in order to be able to perform well in college. Considering the fact that Google power searcher is an effective tool for learning, it is reasonable to get at least the gist of how it works. Therefore, here is a handy Google hacks and tricks list for any type of learner.

Despite the fact that you might have already used some of these tips, reviewing will be helpful in any case. Who would deny discovering Google tips and secrets? So, it is high time to get the ball rolling. 

How can you quickly find the information?

It is not a secret how to "Google," isn’t it? However, not everyone can Google efficiently and fast. Consider the following three essential tips to make things better:

  1. Be specific. Whenever you search some concrete information, it is important to be specific. Either you want to find a page within a site or a page with an exact word, make sure you type site:[website URL] or intitle:[word]. The same goes for authors, books, articles, etc.
  2. Format. In order to be able to find a specific file, you also need to use filetype, for instance, jpg, pdf, doc, etc.
  3. Broaden your search. For filling in the blanks in your search, it is advisable to use an asterisk (*). For example, “What are the new scientific *”

Google Tips

These are only a few little things to know, but taking it further, here are some more:

Find exam past papers and other reference materials. When you search only educational sites, it is worth limiting your search by typing in site:edu. It is definitely useful when you want to find some tests to practice before an exam. If you combine it with the filetype, typing pdf or doc, it will help to find additional documents. If you need more complicated search operators, it is easy to find a full list of them in order to be able to find exactly the information you want in no time.

  • Find more research. For finding similar sites use the "related:" operator that will allow you to broaden your research. It is recommended using a popular website to make sure you cover all your bases.
  • Limit search results. For excluding or refining the results try using the minus sign (-) operator. This way, you will find only the information that concerns your search. Consequently, it will save your time and provide you with the required results. 
  • Similarly, if you need to find a range of any numbers, it is necessary to use two periods (..) so that you can set it, e.g., "graphic designs 2001..2017" or "earphones ..$300". If you want to set a minimum or maximum, you simply have to leave out one of the numbers in the range. 
  • Combine modifiers. Google search techniques are created to use them efficiently, aren’t they? Why don’t you combine some modifiers together in order to get more powerful things eventually?

How can you pull up fast answers with the help of Google search shortcuts?

Believe it or not, there is no reason for visiting any web pages or digging around for quick and easy answers. Use "define [word]" whenever you need to find a word's definition quickly. Google's also likely to provide you with the answer the moment you start typing something in. Do not give up if autocomplete doesn't help. You should simply add the "*" wildcard to receive more options and, consequently, get your answers.

Organize your research with Google Drive

Another powerful tool you can use while doing your research is Google Drive. Isn’t it convenient to have the citation taken and inserted for you while you are in the process of working on your paper? Haven’t you dreamt of having the citation already formatted in APA, MLA, or Chicago styles, and inserted for you into your document? Read a short guideline to get the instructions on how it works and make your life easier.

Search Google books

Do you remember going to the library to find resources for your papers? It is already in the past with the sophisticated technologies that help us save a lot of valuable time. You just search a Google book whenever you need some information for your research. Completing your bibliography has become a piece of cake. Searching relevant books or magazines or copying quotes is possible without leaving your room.

Google chrome tricks secrets are revealed for you to get the full benefit of using them while learning. Once you tried some of the mentioned above tips out, you will certainly use them every time you have to do some research.