If you are curious about the way the universe and nature are organized, then Hawking books are the best source to get to know about these things.

Both Stephen Hawking and his colleague Leonardo Mlodinow spared no effort to create an amazing book on physics revealing the most puzzling things about all existence. The title “The Grand Design” is the one that catches readers’ attention from the very beginning.

The printed work came out September 7th, 2010, it was published by Bantam. Since then, many people had a chance to get acquainted with the new perspectives on science and the way it has been involved in the Creation. The authors made a review of the previous scientific attempts to explain infinity. What is more, they provided their own extended theories. Having covered a lot of material, we could estimate the printed work as one of the best books about space and time. Is the spark of interest already kindled in you?

Let Us Get to Know Stunning Facts about the Universe

  1. Bygone is an opportunity

The first principle to be presented in Stephen Hawking books is the one that levels past and the number of possibilities which have been carried into effect. The theory of quantum mechanics states that if the action has not been distinguished, it did not occur in a certain way, but came out in all potential forms. Important to realize, it offers us probabilistic features of energy. Therefore, till the point a concrete thing is disturbed with an intrusion coming from outer supervision, it will be in a state of wavering.

To demonstrate: the fraction made its way from one point to another choosing all possible trajectories to get to the destined place. Although, we could not claim that it could have taken only one specific path.

  1. Qualities of light

Unbelievably, a second is enough for a 1-watt-light to produces approximately a billion billion photons. To make it clear, photons are volumes that are in charge of bringing forth light. For some obscure reason, they act like a fraction and a wave.

  1. Ultimate theory

One of the most mysterious things is the theory of everything, also mentioned as M theory in the book. The whole universe is depicted as an endless entanglement of strings which pulse to generate energy. The strings are in their core constituted of the tiniest elements as particles. Unity is accomplished by the help of the loops that particles possess. That is why the process described is the root channel of matter and energy.

Many scientists have a very positive and confirming opinion about this breaking through “the final theory” and suppose this is the complete one ever existing.

The hypothesis brings us to another essential conclusion that there is a range of coexisting universes we could hardly think about.

  1. Geometric theory of gravitation

The first thought that comes to mind when you hear about general relativity is that it is an elaborated study of Einstein, but adapted to the mammoth objects as a black hole. It seems to be something super complicated and absolutely unrelated to reality. However, warping of time in space has influence on our everyday life. The authors mention that GPS satellite navigators consider general relativity to work properly. Otherwise, there could have been mistakes on guidance in space of 10 km per day. It performs the function of the description of how time moves on regarding different objects. Consequently, when a satellite comes closer to the Earth, the clocks suited on an aircraft keep the diverse speed of running.

  1. The true essence of reality

Mlodinov and Hawking use a perfect example to demonstrate the above item to readers. In one of the Italian cities, called Monza, council forbade to keep goldfish in bowls with a curved form. Apparently, the law was caused by the reason that such an inhabitant has the odd picture of the surrounding world. The same happens with people so that we are not able to see the true nature of things. It is a deception that we understand everything accurately as it is all about physics, chemistry that help us to dig deeper.

  1. Pythagoras is not the actual creator of the famous formula

You will be surprised, but the creators of the book claim that one of the most famous ancient mathematicians did not explore his theory to full extent. The basic formula on the right triangle had been uncovered much earlier by Babylonians, who displayed its usage in different spheres of life, especially architecture.

  1. Quarks are always being in collaboration

Quarks are the small parts of neutrons and protons. Typically the number of them does not exceed three particles in one neutron or proton. They exist only in aggregation, not solely.  Additionally, a particular force that unites them is much stronger when they are at long distance from each other. Given this point, pulling back a separate quark is quite a difficult task. Lonely quarks could not be ever observed in nature.

  1. How has it all appeared

The scientists suppose that a huge role in creating all existence has the Universe itself. There are many phenomena that could be explained by the help of scientific laws and exploration. All of the natural effects are interconnected and interdependent.

If you are curious about the way world around you functions, pay attention to the best Stephen Hawking’s book to start with. Stop living in the dark, find out more about the universe. You will be definitely interested in all those amazing ideas. It will not only enclose you a quite different picture of what happens around you but will also help you to develop yourself.