An internship in such a huge company as Google gives a lot of prospects for further employment and study. Many students from all over the world dream of participating in the Google BOLD Internship program. Many young people think that getting into this company is very difficult and cannot dare even just to apply. Frankly speaking, everything is much easier. Do not be afraid; you just have to figure out all the details.

Google Internship

Google regularly publishes positions for those who are wishing to get a job in the company and positions for trainees. Google internship process internship lasts 12-14 weeks.

Selection of Candidates

The process consists of two or three technical interviews that take place over the phone. There may be something like google docs available at the same time to the candidate and the interviewer. The interviews are quite simple, especially if you solve typical tasks related to graphs, rows, arrays, and trees before it. Besides, there will be questions about the programming language you are working with.

The next step is to find a team based on the wishes and opportunities of the future trainee. When the team is found, then another interview takes place – usually, it goes directly with the future mentor or someone else from the potential team.

The last step is to prepare the offer: when will the internship take place, in which office, what salary will be (this is always enough to cover all the costs of the internship including relocation), how many hours a week you will work (usually, full time), and other details. The whole process takes about two months, from the moment of the first contact to the moment of the receiving congratulatory letter confirming the enrollment. There are a few minimum requirements; you just have to master a specialty related to programming.

How to Apply for Google Internship

To apply for an internship, go to the Google site and find important information there. Then choose the position, there are several options. If you know someone on Google, you can send him or her a resume and a position you want to apply for. If you do not know anyone, you can simply click the "Apply Now" button.

  • Is It Necessary to Be a Programmer

Many people believe that only people with good knowledge of programming can work in Google. Of course, the company is constantly looking for talented young programmers, but at the same time, Google BOLD Internship is gaining candidates who do not have a base of specialized knowledge in the IT field. Most often, such trainees work in the sales or customer service department.

  • Be Creative

Google is constantly developing and looking for new ideas, so they are interested in young and creative personalities. Therefore, you should not be unsure of yourself during the Google internship interview. On the contrary, tell them about all your projects and plans for the future. Try to look at the situations from different perspectives and search for the non-standard ways of solving problems.

  • Be Friendly

The internship in Google, in reality, corresponds to what is shown in the well-known films. All trainees communicate with each other and make friends. It does not mean that all the time in this company is just parties and fun. However, Google does not set any clear limits, so you can work and rest as much as you need.

  • Working Day

As it was said earlier, the working day does not have clear rules. However, you have to cope with a certain amount of work every day. If you manage to make your task faster, you will get more free time. If you need to come to work later, there will be no problems; however, in that case, most likely you will have to stay for longer in the evening.

  • Advantages of the Internship

Of course, not everyone who passed the internship in Google, stay there to work. Some young people continue their studies, and then they work in other spheres. However, the fact of the internship in this company will help you to reach the heights in employment. Agree, if you indicate that you worked in Google in your resume, potential employers will take you seriously.

Here you will receive an invaluable life experience. You will learn how to work in teams, and you will be able to show your leadership qualities. During the internship, you will have the opportunity to work on yourself and improve your skills. In addition, this is a great opportunity to make many new and useful acquaintances.

  • Be Hard-Working

If you managed to become a member of the program, you should not take it as entertainment. The company appreciates hard-working and diligent trainees. You need to show all your best qualities and prove that you can work in Google. Of course, you do not need to be a bookworm and only study and work, but here you will have a unique opportunity to learn so many interesting facts that you will not read about in textbooks or on the Internet.

  • Do not Be Upset

If you applied to participate in the program and did not pass the interview, do not be upset or lose faith in yourself. On the contrary, it should make you work harder. Register next year. You will certainly achieve what you want if you go forward to your goal.

  • Do not Stop

After completing the internship program, you will return to your college or university. However, after that, your life has to change dramatically. Now, you will want to develop constantly. Google BOLD Internship gives an incentive to search for new perspectives. Monitor various programs for students and submit their applications constantly, even if you doubt your abilities and knowledge. After all, getting a diploma and a specialty is good, but it is better to get a lot of working and studying experience in prestigious companies while being a student. These recommendations can help you to become a trainee and be successful.