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How to Make Your Brain Faster and More Productive

There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can use to make your brain work faster and better, but in all cases, good brain health is based on alimentation, healthy habits and mental exercises.

How to Make Your Brain Faster and More Productive

So if you want how to boost your brainpower these exercises are for you:

  • Keep your eyes closed and concentrate on the sounds around you.
  • Focus your sight on a certain object and contemplate it in details.
  • When talking with someone focus on what your interlocutor is saying rather than to distractions around you.
  • Play games that require attention and concentration.
  • Perform tasks that demand manual dexterity, like sewing, painting, finger string games etc.

By doing some of these exercises daily you will increase your cognitive abilities and mental strength. The following habits can improve your cognitive skills:

  • Remove distraction when working on something. Each distraction adds to the length of the task.
  • Avoid multi-task, because it actually reduces your efficiency.
  • Decrease your levels of stress by practices of meditation and mindfulness.
  • Work on your memory by memorizing poems, new songs and quotes. Another good way is to solve crosswords and have fun with Rubik’s Cube.
  • Eat to be healthy and keep your brain clean and productive. Start doing this by understanding which ingredients keep your brain active.

Eating right foods is very important not just in terms of having a healthy body, but also in terms of having a good functioning brain. Here are the foods that your brain needs:

  • For all those who wonder how to keep your brain active, here’s a great piece of advice – eat walnuts! These little things are a real brain booster because they have vitamins, minerals, proteins and they also contain alpha-linolenic acid.
  • Berries are next on the list because they have a great effect on brain cells and they’re rich with flavonoids which our brains need.
  • Olive oil is a great memory enhancer and it’s also a great stress-reducer.
  • Eat garbanzo beans! They’re indispensable for brain health and are one of the greatest sources of magnesium.

If you exercise, develop habits that are good for your brain and eat these foods, your brain will be grateful and you yourself will be productive and happy!