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What is Identity Theft and How to Prevent It

Your personal data can be stolen. Have you ever thought about it? We want to draw your attention to this problem because the numbers of these crimes increase every day. According to the statistics, 29 percent of youth have already experienced it. 

It is a topical question for students because their personal information often falls into the wrong hands. You should understand the identity theft insurance policy. Your personal data is, for example, your Social Security number. Another person can use it for getting a credit or doing other illegal actions. What is more, it is a very long and expensive process to restore your credit history. 
How to prevent identity theft

Identity theft definition

There are some ways to save yourself or to try to prevent from stealing your personal information. Students don’t realize this problem in all seriousness. When they enter to college or university, they begin a new life, thus they often need to fill different papers that demand their personal information. Every student must remember to keep data confidentiality. It is of the first magnitude. 
Your Social Security number must store separately. It mustn’t be in public access or used as school ID. 
Destroy your unnecessary credits cards before throwing them out. 
Your outgoing e-mails mustn’t be left in a school mail boxes. 
Public computers make your information easily accessible for a lot of people. Do your online shopping only from your own digital devices. 
Be attentive, when someone wants to be informed about your personal data. Make sure that this person needs it for some documents, but not for other purposes.
Control information that you show in the social networks. 
Of course, you can buy identity theft insurance. It doesn’t save from theft, but it can help to have fewer problems when it will happen. 
Look for an insurance company scrupulously. Find out all details of collaboration, for example, the policy limits, a deductible, politic of work with the insurer. Maybe identity theft insurance is included in your homeowner’s insurer or renter's insurance. Take into account the pros and cons, and compare prices of different companies before buying the policy.