Some people are gifted and writing comes natural for them. In majority of other cases, writing skills have to be developed. Thankfully, there are a lot of applications that can help writers remain focused and organized. 
Free Apps for Writers 

ProWritingAid. A must-have app for all writers; it will help you to edit in a fast and efficient manner. It can save you from potential writing pitfalls like repetitive words, abstract language, difficult sentences, passive voice, etc. Take this app as your personal writing assistant.  
Storybook. Great new ways to write better are provided by this app. It’s especially useful if you’re working on a complex story that includes more than 3 plot lines, because this app helps you keep track of everything. There are four views, which Storybook app allows you to use – Book View, Chronological View, Manage Scenes View, and Reading View.
Write 2 Lite. A list of free writing apps can’t exist without Write 2 Lite app. This iPhone app will be o great use for those, who are always full of great ideas, but never have a pen and a piece of paper to write them down. Interesting thing: it also has an Emergency Mode that can help in dangerous life situations.
Note Everything. The title of this app reflects its essence. It can help you leave a voice note, jot things down, and even draw a picture. Lots of possibilities and easy-to-organize notes are its major pros. However, there’s a peril connected with its usage – you might never use pen and paper again.  
WiseMapping. An excellent mind mapping tool. If you don’t know what mind mapping is, you should urgently Google it because it’s one of the greatest scientifically-based ways to remember tons of information. Besides, WiseMapping will assist you with problem-solving and brainstorming. 
Diaro. It’s is pretty much like a diary, but an advanced one. It helps you organize and keep well-documented your thoughts, memories as well as both good and bad moments of your life. You can even attach photos and locations to your diary. This revolutionary app is for those, who want to be self-conscious about their life.  Let these apps help you become a better writer!