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Inspiration Tips: Authors Give the Best Advice on Writing

Do you strive to write well and become successful? Then this article is for you! If you use these tips, you will manage to write perfectly anything you want – a book, a blog post, or a college essay.

How can writing be improved: Tips from writers

1. Marion Deuchars says that when you write, all you need is to start. It doesn’t matter if you have a good idea, right direction, strong characters or not. You only need to begin and see what happens next.

Authors Gave Us Their Best Advice On Writing

2. According to Sarah Perry, the writer shouldn’t pay attention to the current trends and write only about the things that are most admired. Writers must have their own style and hone it.

Sarah Perry

3. Andrew Solomon claims that writing is all about making things real and telling about the experiences in one’s own special way.


4. Sir Tim Smit says that the writer shouldn’t waste any words. He/she should use them to provide the reader with interest, just like a fireplace provides the cold room with the heat.


5. According to Kate Hamer, if you can’t make up your mind and continue writing, you should just take a walk. It will refresh your mind and help you get back to writing.


6. Sharon Grenham-Thompson’s advice is about regularity of writing. Write every day. If there is anything in your manuscript that you don’t really like, rewrite it. Make it perfect.


7. Robin Stevens says that the writer should never think that their first draft will be faultless. It never is. Even the best writers have to rewrite their first drafts. Keep this in mind.


8. According to Chris Bradford, to have ideas and develop creativity, the writer has to read a lot. By reading books written by others, the writer can learn what is good in writing, find new words, grasp new ideas and immerse oneself into the world of literature.


9. Keith Stuart says that to write the best essay, blog post, book etc., you have to create a positive environment for yourself. It’s up to you what this environment will be – comfy furniture, proper music, special scents, or whatever else that helps you remain inspired and keep on writing.


Use these tips to write a good essay, blog post, book, etc. You will never regret this, I promise!