We just love Netflix! And now there’s an extra reason to love it for designers or any person who is attracted by visual culture, because Netflix is literally loaded with outstanding documentaries and movies.

For your convenience, we have gathered the top five movies and documentaries that you definitely need to watch.


  1. Abstract: The Art of Design

Synopsis: Look beyond the science of art of design through the elaborations of outstanding designers whose work changed our world.

In case you’re the lover of visual art, then this is a documentary series that you absolutely need to watch. Each episode lasts for 40-50 minutes and follows different designers. Subjects which Abstract documentary covers include many different art forms like shoe design, car design, editorial covers, etc. The most remarkable thing about this series is that only revolutionary artists and designers are selected to explore the given topic. Abstract will guide you through the evolution and history of design, but it will perform it in such an entertaining way that you’ll be as engaged as if you’re watching the latest Fast and Furious movie.

Print The Legend

  1. Print The Legend

Synopsis: Award-winning documentary about the battle for leadership position on the market of 3D printing.

If you think that Print the Legend is nothing but a dull documentary about innovation and technology, then you’re terribly wrong. Instead of focusing on dry and difficult to understand technological terms and procedures, it focuses on the unbelievable results of these technological procedures. The documentary begins with overview of the MakerBot, the 1st 3D-printer company, which focuses on the consumers. Then another 3D-printing company, Formlabs, is presented to the viewers. Characters from MarketBot and Formlabs talk about the technological revolution which is bound to happen due to successes in the field of 3D-printing and an assumption that 3D printers will become an indispensable part of future households. These interviews are mixed with moments of interpersonal tensions, ambition, jealousy, greed, resentment and fame, so you definitely won’t get bored.

  1. Grand Design

Synopsis: Kevin McCloud introduces unique personalities, who take self-building houses to a whole new level.

Grand Design follows stories of people who are building unique houses. It shows the whole story starting from the plan of the house till it’s finally built and illustrates all the dilemmas that these people face on their way to the house of their dreams. Although, from my perspective, some of the designs presented in the Grand Design are impractical, watching this series gives an outstanding opportunity to look at other people’s creative work, understand what they like and why and witness people's dream houses being built. It should also be mentioned that Kevin McCloud is a very good presenter, which makes Grand Design even more entertaining show.

  1. Sky Ladder

Synopsis: Cai Guo-Qiang is a Chinese artist known for his breathtaking pyrotechnic displays. Watch his most ambitious project unfold before your eyes.

There’s an impressive, Herzogian flavor to this awesome new documentary by Kevin Macdonald. Sky Ladder celebrates the ambition and art Guo-Qiang, who creates awe-inspiring sky images via colorful fireworks that he’s using. This documentary not only tells us about the artistic success of Cai Guo-Qiang, but it also shows the artist in his attempt to create his most ambitious project to date – a firework that he aims to launch 1,650 feet into the sky.

In Sky Ladder series, fireworks cease to be an instrument for entertainment and turn into a sophisticated works of art as Cai Guo-Qiang uses them to create magnificent moments, filling the sky with bright colors and calculated explosions. The way Macdonald pictures Cai Guo-Qiang creative work with great attention to detail and elaborated close-ups makes Sky Ladder worth watching on the most expensive screens that you can think of.

  1. The 100 Years Show

Synopsis: Meet Carmen Herrer, abstract minimalist pioneer who delights in her artistic success which took her whole life to happen.

Offbeat life-affirming story about the woman who pioneered in innovative art long before others started to follow her footsteps. It’s the case when someone does the best he or she can do in the moment that feels right, and recognition of that work comes decades later. Since many years have already gone by, people are now ready to face that the delay in her recognition happened due to the fact that she was a woman born in Cuba. Despite the difficult reality where she was forced to create her works of art, Carmen Herrera is presented as a highly enthusiastic person who never surrendered. The 100 Years Show is done very artfully and it also has an environmental context, because it merges images of pre-Revolution Havana, post-War Paris and modern New York. One of the greatest moments of the show is when Carmen tells why she can’t put into words the things that she’s attempting to express through the art that she creates. I was so engaged with The 100 Years Show that I missed four calls just not to be distracted from this amazing story.

Now, you know what you should watch next on Netflix!