Finally, it is the last weekend before school. Lots of people organize picnics, barbeques, or attend the parades or football games. There is something to celebrate as it is the Labor Day. People take advantage of the last day off before the new term.
Yet, does the Labor Day mean to be like this? What point do you miss?

Labor Day - Why and How We Celebrate

What is the origin of the Labor Day?

Originally, the Labor Day was meant to honor economic attainments of American laborers. The roots of the holiday originated from the ideas of Peter J. McGuire and Matthew Maguire. However, the initiative to celebrate the first Labor Day in the USA belongs to the Central Labor Union in New York City. On Tuesday, September 5, 1882, people honored New York workers and promoted the improvement of working conditions. Until 1894, 32 states have been adopting the holiday. Then, on June 28, 1894, Congress eventually established the Labor Day as a national holiday.

Why do we celebrate it now?

In general, the Labor Day tributes to the American workers who contribute with their achievements to the prosperity of the country. Within decades this fact hasn’t changed. The working nation forms country’s infrastructure and welfare. It is natural that the government expresses gratitude to the hardworking citizens.

How to celebrate the Labor Day?

Nowadays, the original purpose of the Labor Day is a little bit lost. People consider it as the last summer goodbye. Yet, Americans turn out to work more than to rest. So, such kind of leisure time is a small reminder of their merits. Besides, people’s work not only serves the country but their families as well. It is worth honoring.

Find out what events are planned in your city for Labor Day. Take your family or friends and visit the festivals or parades. Become the part of the national celebration.