Moving to campus is the inevitable part of any educational process. It is a period when you need to leave your family and school friends and get open to new people and perspectives. Many years ago, the universities within the United States required non-local applicants only. However, the rising cost of tuition made the potential students consider different housing options and living at home is one of them. Undoubtedly, staying at home with mom and dad is quite a reasonable solution, since it helps to avoid different challenges connected with the adaptation on campus. Undoubtedly, as well as any other option, this one has both benefits and shortcomings.

The Pros and Cons of Living at Home During University

Advantages of living at home during university.

  1. Economy.

Savings is the primary reason, which motivates the students to stay at home since on-campus housing requires much money per year. If you imagine your student`s life as full of joy and adventures, you are not quite right. First, you will need to focus all your attention on the educational process. Second, having thousand dollars to pay per year, you will have to search for a part-time job. Third, your roommate may be a boring and annoying person. Thus, if you want to economize a few thousands of dollars during your study, feel free to stay at home.

  1. Support.

Living at home, you feel the support and understanding of your close people. Even if you do not appreciate this support at home, you will surely lack it living on campus. The support of your parents will help you to prepare for a stressful exam or relax after getting a bad grade. However, you should not take it for granted. Although your parents would be happy if you decide to live at home, they would not be glad of a perspective of paying for all your needs.


  1. Isolation and loneliness

Undoubtedly, you`ve heard a lot of stories about the exciting life on campus, but it does not mean that your story would be equally interesting. Very often, students who start living on campus experience various negative aspects of isolated life such as loneliness, stress, and even depression, which can serve as the most important reason to stay at home. If you are a communicative person, you will find no difficulties with finding new friends, but if you are not, it will be rather challenging to assimilate in the new environment. Besides, endless parties and noisy people on campus may bother you when preparing for important tests.

  1. Expenses.

As it was mentioned above, living on campus is quite expensive, since you do not only need to pay for it, but also purchase a lot of things, which could facilitate your living. Only imagine that you could spend this money on traveling or purchasing a new car!

To summarize, it is only you who should make a decision, but whatever you choose, you will be right since it is the experience, which makes you more skilled.