There is a tendency among college students to choose MBA as the most prospective degree. However, is there a chance to opt for a degree off the beaten track and work your way up the career ladder? Alternatives do exist and here is a list of advanced and even more attainable college offers. Before chasing after, get aware of other programs and dual-track degrees.

Advanced Degrees

Great Attainable Offers:

  1. Computer Science

It is not a secret that we live in the era of great technological discoveries and almost every sphere of our life is highly dependent on computers, especially, businesses and services of different range. That is why tech-savvy people are valued much at the job market. Accordingly, an average income of an IT specialist could be quite higher than of the representatives of other trades; it can make more than $100,000 yearly. It has been already estimated that the number of experts in the field of computer science will increase by 19%.

  1. Master in Engineering

Surprisingly, it came out that an engineer is more expected to take the position of the executive in a company than MBA. It seemed to be a very controversial statement, but nowadays things are changing and, indeed, it is a reality. What is more, the recent research has shown that the majority of chief executives obtained a degree in engineering. 

  1. D.School:

A very special and extraordinary choice can be the Institute of Design in Stanford. It is the program that employs innovative techniques to reveal all your creativity and hidden capacities. The key element of the studies is a design-think methodology, in which students are taught to predict and solve the problems that they may face in the future. Another educational institution to offer the program of this range is Maryland Institute College of Art. They offer a brand-new program in leadership. Apart from that, you could also have a look at the syllabuses of College of the Atlantic and Philadelphia University. Probably, you’ll find their entrepreneur program worth your attention.

  1. Master in Finance:

Having a natural talent to work with numbers, you have a choice: master’s in finance vs. MBA. It might be not that difficult to undertake this type of degree and be admitted, because the enrolment competition is not really tough and intense. Additionally, you do not need to have years of experience, you just need to pass your internship. The degree requires up to $50,000. On the contrary, you could spend more than $80,000 on MBA degree.

  1. Master in Management:

MiM or, in other words, The Master of Science in Management, quite often resembles MBA program, but there are a couple of things, which differ. Nevertheless, both degrees teach management as a core discipline, Master of Management is centered on the graduates in the field rather than on the leading authorities. It examines different aspects of management but not business and the way to supervise it.  

  1. Master of Science in Organizational Leadership:

All over the World, this alternative is considered to be one of the most successful. If business and marketing are not something that you would like to study further and you have good communication skills, then you will definitely be interested in having a psychology course aimed at understanding people and organizing teamwork effectively in order to achieve the wanted result.

  1. Charted Financial Analyst:

One more option to think about is the Chartered Financial Analyst program. It offers an intensive study of finances. Its advantage is the price, as it will definitely cost less than business managing programs. The obvious downside is the salary rate. The job does not provide employees with the appropriate pay if to compare with those who obtained the MBA. On the regular basis, master’s in finance salary is up to $70,000 a year, while the minimum is $45,000.

  1. MBA-MFA:

People who have a very artistic nature and derive pleasure from working with various art issues should choose this path. If you want to work in film or TV industry, then you’ll get all the needed basement for it within this program. They cost a great deal of money that is why many students do not choose them. 

  1. Master of Science in Project Management:

Leading companies invite professional analysts to work out the way through crisis and be the top ones at the market. Optimizing sales and producing goods and services that the customers will appreciate are the tasks for project managers. The described positions can bring more than $100,000 per year. The skills required for them can be received during the studying process in the program of a Master of Science in Project Management Having three or more years of experience, you could be a wanted candidate to have a place in the school of management.

  1. Graduate Law Program:

It is not a rare situation when a graduate doubts whether to choose the law school or MBA. The reason is that the future prospects suggested after the completion of both courses are equally promising and encouraging. The chances are high that you will find a beneficial position and will grow as a professional in the field. Making a decision may be quite difficult, so think of your strong and weak sides to opt for something that would fit you best. For example, if you feel like dealing with numbers, then take into account MBA.

Standing at the parting of the ways, you should be very careful and sensible. Of course, there are the opinions that dominate and may influence decisions of some people, but do not follow the mainstream just because everybody does. Apart from MBA, there are many master’s degrees to undertake. Take into consideration our list of most versatile degrees and be honest with yourself to identify the sphere you would like to work in.