We live in the world of paradoxes, where, on the one hand, globalization has reached an extent not known before, and, on the other hand, people have become more socially isolated.

And all of it happened thanks to the Internet, which allows us to connect with people from all over the world, yet somehow we end up sitting alone in the room watching YouTube videos. In the situation like this, celebrating Pentecost becomes a matter of an utmost importance. You are about to gain a deeper insight into this holiday that will help you reconsider your own mindset.

What does history say about Pentecost?

As with any other historic event, we cannot be sure whether it actually happened, because we weren’t there. All we know about the past has become known through books, legends, and word of mouth. Anyway, according to the legend, a couple of months after Christ had been crucified, Jewish people who followed Christian tradition congregated to celebrate the Jewish festival, the purpose of which was to present fruits to God. That being done, a miracle happened. Every single person noticed there was flame above their heads. This flame somehow diminished the race and culture differences between them, and people were able to understand each other even though they spoke different languages.

What does Pentecost mean today?

Although living in a world where there are no cultural differences and all people speak one language seems utopian, it is something worth aspiring to, isn’t it? Such notions as respect and sympathy towards each other become obsolete, that is why it is extremely important to develop these attitudes and help others develop them, and there is nothing like Church to help us reach this goal.
Pentecost is a holiday that celebrates the day when the Church received its greatest gift of the Holy Spirit. It is the power of Spirit that has been helping people from all walks of life go through the darkest of times.
Some people may argue that there is no sufficient evidence to prove the existence of Jesus Christ and the fact that he embodied the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, the qualities that he is said to have possessed are those that many people admire even if they claim they are atheists; we are talking about kindness, generosity, love, and altruism. These are the qualities that make a good person who respects others and sympathizes with them. 
Thus, Pentecost is a day to celebrate good in every person that removes the curtain of blindness off our eyes and lets us see good in others and understand others regardless of their race, origin or language they speak. And it is the power of the Holy Spirit that helps us do that.
The truth is, whether you go to the church on a daily basis and read Bible passages or not, as long as you act like a decent human being, respect and love other people, the good is bound to conquer the evil.