If you have a blog, write an essay or even twit, you have to know how to do it well, and it requires good skills. There are numerous blogging, freelancing and social network pieces of advice that cannot always work, and there are some other ones that might simply not work for you personally.

If you want to become a better writer, you should ignore these popular recommendations.

Things to Avoid if You Want to Write Well

Write every day

Professional writers swear this one is best of all writing tips. However, the thing is that unless the writing is a business that provides you with money, having to write a couple of hours daily is not real and simply makes no sense. Even if you will do so, there is a big probability that you will be distracted by numerous other things and will face difficulties with focusing on the subject.

What is more, this tip is not effective because writing every day cannot improve skills the way you think it does. Think about it, what if it is your grammar is weak? You will continue producing grammatically incorrect stuff every day.

How to make this advice efficient for you?

Identify the problem with your writing. It can be sentence structure, grammar or simply lack of knowledge in a certain writing style. Learn what is required and practice in it.

Avoid jargon and foreign phrases

One more common advice on how to write better is to avoid using jargon and foreign phrases, which may be incomprehensible to every reader. However, if you will write in too simplified language, you can sound like a 6-year-old. Besides, in some cases using foreign phrases is much more useful.

How to make this advice effective for you?

Know your audience. If you want to make it clearer to your readers, you can add an explanation of the word or phrase in parentheses.

Write like you talk

We often “Hmmm” and “Um” too much in our speech. We tend to repeat ourselves. We use some pet phrases, things that we say too often. All of these make the writing difficult to read.

When you are speaking, you have numerous ways to express your opinion and convince the listener. However, you have just one shot of creating the connection with your readers when you are writing.

How to make this advice effective for you?

The main point is that your writing has to “sound” like you talk and express your personality. So pay attention to what and how you are saying. Note your tone, is it formal or casual? Once you understand how you sound like, it is much easier to translate it into your writing.