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Popular Questions about Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is definitely an important holiday, which you should not want to miss. On the other hand, it is difficult to keep track of it, because it is celebrated on different dates each year.

Mother's-DayOur helpful guide will help you not forget about Mother’s Day. Keep it handy and you will never show up empty-handed to your parents’ house on Mother’s Day.

Why is Mothering Sunday significant?

We devote the third Sunday after Easter to honor our mothers. This date is called Mothering Sunday.

Originally, it was a popular holiday among servants. They all were allowed to go home and visit church service with their families. Thus, it was the day when Christians paid a visit to their ‘mother’ church. On their way home, servants gathered wild flowers to give them to their mothers or place in the church. Since then, the holiday evolved and lost its religious meaning.

When do we celebrate Mother’s Day in 2017?

The USA and many European countries celebrate the holiday on May 14.

Why does the holiday date change annually?

Christians have been celebrating Mother’s Day since the 16th century, and every year there is a shift in holiday’s date. This is due to the fact that Mother’s Day celebration is connected to Easter. In its turn, Easter is linked to the lunar calendar that is constantly changing.

Why isn’t there a single date when Mother’s Day is observed in all countries?

In 1914, Mother’s Day was established in the USA with the help of different mother groups’ campaigns that were active during the Civil War. One of the leaders of the movement, Anna Jarvis, argued for the date in May in memory of her own mother. President Wilson gave the date formal status; however, Jarvis later expressed her dissatisfaction with the commercialization of the holiday.

Since then, many countries in the world adopted the same date for Mother’s Day celebration.

What are the gifts on Mother’s Day?

There are no strict rules what children should bring their mothers on this holiday. Many people prefer to organize breakfast in bed as a sign of care. While young kids may cook scrambled eggs, a toast and coffee, older kids prepare more sophisticated meals. Seasonal flowers, such as tulips, are also a good present. The whole day is usually spent in family circle and ends up with a tasty dinner at home or in a restaurant.

Mothers are the most precious people in our lives. We honor their contribution by paying special attention to them on Mother’s Day. Do not forget to congratulate your mom with the upcoming holiday!