Relationships… what does this word mean to you? Is it just an inevitable thing no one in the society can live without or one of the most significant issues for every human being living on the earth? No matter how old you are, your social, financial, or family status, you just can’t exist without relationships even if you do consider yourself the biggest introvert ever! 
The modern life inevitably leads to new acquaintances, new people, the ones, who will stay just acquaintances for you, and the others, who will become your beloved ones, best friends, and the closest people to your heart ever. 
When it comes to a relationship, it unconsciously equates with the time investment whether you like it or not. The trick is which relationships do worth your time and which aren’t worth even an hour of your time. 
The earlier you realize that your investments are priceless and cost you the fortune (your time), the better it will work for you later in the future. 
Here I’d like to share my four types of relationships that I do believe to be the ones that every 20 something person should waste their time on! 

Relationships Every 20-Something Should Invest In

Do yourself a favor, build the relationship with your doctor

Easier said than done you might say, yes, maybe. You should look at it in terms of living your life to the fullest, which in other words means, “being healthy.” I can hardly imagine someone who is enjoining his or her disease and all the advantages of that awful state of times of sickness. As you are the first person who is responsible for your well-being and both, body and mind, be a brave man, at least make an effort to build the relationship with your doctor. Believe me; you’ll say yourself thanks later.
You’ll get much more comfortable in your basic healthcare what to say about more relaxed and consequently more happier and stable life. 

The most important relationships – relationships with your parents. 

We’ve already got a huge amount of love, care, tenderness, and time since our childhood. Being an adult, you reconsider the value of your parents, as they truly have given you the most important, your birth, and then their deepest love and respect for you. If you are lucky to still have your loved ones alive, take every possible opportunity to meet them and spend precious time with them. Say how much you love them and how thankful you are for everything they’ve done for you and still are doing. Don’t take your time for granted. Now it’s your turn to make them feel important and adorable ones, let them know how irreplaceable their existence in your life is. 

Mind the weak ties in your social circle

Relationship investment in your good and trusted friends is obvious and reasonable, but you should definitely keep an eye on the weak ties in your social circle. You will never know what your next day has prepared for you, what will come up on your way and whose help or piece of advice you’ll need tomorrow. It’s like a new bridge even if you’ve never planned to cross it. Life brings us surprises and new opportunities without asking us why and for what, so let’s be ready to go. Even the weirdest stranger might turn out to be your best friend or a life-long business partner, why shouldn’t you stop being careless? You don’t know how great is likelihood you’ll need to cross the bridge a little later, these weak ties are definitely worth your attention. 

YOU and your relationship with yourself

The relationship with yourself is the very first relationship you should invest in, it is you the person who will go alongside, every single minute everywhere you’ll be heading for. Whether you have a low or high self-esteem, you are the person with whom you must work on and invest continually. I’d say you should treat yourself as permanent and inevitable lifelong partner, even if you don’t feel like doing that. The amazing thing for sure, everyone wants to be treated well and be highly respected and meanwhile treat himself or herself poorly. The way you treat and talk to yourself, the way you think of yourself indicates the way the other people will do that! Treat yourself as the very best friend ever! Instead of abusing yourself for any little mistake be forgiving, loving, supportive, and tolerant, there is no one like you. Don’t even doubt your uniqueness, learn to smile even after the most disastrous failure, breakdown, or a total eclipse. Mind your interests, follow your dreams, and invest in yourself because you are the very person who must do that! Prioritize your well-being, do whatever you feel is right for you, and don’t give excuses for your choices, you are the one who decides here and knows what is worthy and what doesn’t cost a penny or a minute of your life! I’ve intentionally put this type of relationship the last one to point out its significance as I do believe that the other type of relationships starts here with the relationship with yourself. 

People change and things might go wrong and they will, but your relationship with yourself is something you should always pay attention to. The reality might look different as we used to see it, but life goes on and things happen unfortunately or fortunately without our control, so why shouldn’t we invest our time into something valuable? Don’t forget to build the greatest relationship with yourself in order to make the better ones with the other people. Start with yourself and proceed with the others, good luck!