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Scientific Reasons to Read a Book Every Day

Books play a significant role in our life. They help us to learn, see the world, and perform things that we could not have done with our own knowledge only. They allow us to immerse in a wonderful world of imagination where everything is possible.

Although there is a steady increase in the number of people reading electronic books, we can assert with confidence that printed publications have not disappeared yet. A growing share of the Americans who read e-books on tablets and smartphones continue to read printed literature as well. There is nothing more pleasant for them than reading of an old paper book that can improve their mood and make them better people.


Scientific Reasons to Read a Book Every Day

The importance of reading books

There are many reasons why we should read books, but here, I would like to focus your attention on those that backed by science:

  • Reading prevents severe illnesses

Reading prevents neurodegenerative diseases and promotes the formation of new nerve connections. People who devote a lot of time to reading short stories, playing logical games, and solving puzzles, have a chance to retain the clarity of thought and prevent such diseases as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

  • Reading helps to relieve stress and relax

Regular reading helps people to awaken their imagination and emotions, reduce stress levels and relax. According to the latest research conducted in Sussex University, books can reduce stress up to 68 percent. A cognitive neurophysiologist David Lewis claims that reading can teach people how to relax and escape from the worries and tensions of the everyday life.

  • Reading increases intelligence

It has been scientifically proven that reading increases human intelligence. Reading helps everyone to deepen their knowledge, broaden their outlook, grow as individuals, develop professional skills, and become successful people in the future. By reading various books, every person has a chance to expand their vocabulary and improve their public speaking skills.

To sum up, books are the doors that open to us the whole world. The value of reading books lies in the fact that it allows us to get new knowledge, travel, dream, imagine, live the lives of the characters and enrich our own life. Therefore, we all should develop good reading habits as it helps to maintain good health and become happier and better people.