Yes, that’s it, that’s your first semester at university or college, and you are wondering how daunting it will be. Being nervous a bit is a quite common thing for anyone, believe me! Stop racking your brains trying to guess what it will be like and follow my simple secrets which do help in living away for the first time, and for god’s sake, forget about those childhood fears! 
How to survive and make the most of your first semester coping with the workload with no stress and huge efforts:
The very first thing I do recommend to start with is to stop doubting that fact that you’ll manage all that. Yes, it won’t be the same as it used before but it will be a new chapter of your life, the one that has its own benefits and thousands of amazing things for sure. Take it easy and try to enjoy this special period to the fullest. 

Secrets To Surviving In Your First Semester At University or College

  • Smile and be friendly to everyone, keep in mind they are in the same boat, introduce yourself, and meet as many people as it’s possible. The more people you know, the more confident you feel. I have no idea how it works, but it actually does, and pretty good I should admit.
  • Don’t even try to please everyone, instead be yourself, don’t hide the real YOU somewhere, your true and real friends love you for the person you are not for someone pretending.
  • Keep your mouth shut when it comes about someone until you know whom you can trust. In another case, it’s much better to keep your opinion about others to yourself. 
  • The laundry. Do yourself a favor and take your washing to it. You don’t want your mom to do it, do you? That’s the very last thing you want to please your mom after coming back home. 
  • Do your best to have some great time, make sure you aren’t a total killjoy. 
  • At least a few societies, even if it seems that’s not something exactly interesting for you, just note contact address/ email to be able to check it in more detail later. Ensure you have the right contacts as it’s a big place, and it might be troublesome later to find some societies which you found interesting finally.
  • Your family, they are definitely worrying for you (even if they don’t tell you). Give them a call and assure you’re all right, they do need it. 
  • Homesickness, it’s a pretty standard. Nonetheless, keep in mind that it happens at first, then you’ll cope with it. When the lounging is more powerful than you, surround yourself with the new friends and people who can make you laugh or just call your friends at home. 
  • This amazing time at Uni is limited, make the most of it before it’s over, you are going to miss all these crazy moments and freedom later. 
  • You shouldn’t limit yourself by hanging around with the only little group of people and ignoring the others. Don’t miss the chance of gaining other good buddies as well. 
  • Stay in touch with friends and family at home, phone and e-mail are the easiest ways to do it. 
  • Money is definitely something you should be careful with, delay the draining your bank account as long as possible. Surely, it’s easier said than done, but despite the numerous ways of spending your money, keep control of the budget and the way you are spending it. 
  • There is no need to keep everything bottled up, you should talk to somebody, friend or family whenever you feel lost and lonely. It’s totally okay especially when it’s for the first time, you shouldn’t be ashamed of that, no way! After talking about it, everything will seem different and from another perspective. 
  • Takeaways are the best option when it goes about relieving the feelings of hunger, while at the same time the worst enemy to your budget. You might say what about student specials, yes, they do exist, but let’s be honest, are they free? They do cost money, I’d say you are like throwing your money away every time you drop into the curry house on the corner. Instead of spending a fortune on your takeaways, try cooking. 
  • Before heading to the party, mind to take only as much money as you need, as having some extra may make you spend more than you’ve planned. And let’s be honest, it’s so easy to be tempted to a few more drinks with some money in your pocket.
  • Keep reminding yourself that’s your first semester and you are a fresher only once so that’s the very first reason to do your best to live this precious period of time as best as you could.
  • Join staff and clubs not because they are almost free or free at all but also because they are an excellent way for meeting new people, getting invites, and just switching your mind off your subjects at least for a few hours.