One could call Valentine’s Day the most controversial holiday given all the hype, on the one hand, and contempt, on the other hand. But, then Single Awareness Day appeared, and people started pointing fingers at those who dare celebrate their single status. Who acts reasonably and who is unfair? Let’s find out! 

The origin of Single Awareness Day
Oddly enough, the day of hailing single people originates from the most romantic holiday – Valentine’s Day. Turns out, while sweethearts indulged each other with love and attention, those without a partner started feeling left out, and can you blame them? Why should a person feel as if he/she didn’t deserve love if there is no one who would send them a postcard or a box of chocolate on February 14? So, it began – February 15 became a day when those who are not in relationship can exchange gifts, send each other cards, and meet to celebrate their independence.
Why is S.A.D. as good as V-day?
Some people argue that we can’t accept Single Awareness Day as a holiday because it is too far-fetched. While it has some truth in that, we should not ignore the fact that Valentine Day is also not what it used to be. Going back to history, we all know that we owe V-Day celebration to the priest named Valentine who would illegally unite people in holy matrimony. To commemorate his contribution, people started celebrating the 14th of February as Valentine’s Day. Back at that time, it hailed pure love, love against all odds, infinite love. So, does being single mean that you are unworthy to be loved or not capable of loving? Think about that. Now, thanks to globalization and marketing strategies, Valentine Day turned into business. Sure, for many, it is a nice opportunity to declare their feelings to their significant other, but, undeniably, it puts additional pressure both on couples and on singles. People in relationship, who take this holiday seriously, go through all circles of hell until they can pick a decent gift for their partner at a reasonable price. And even then, there are questions, “Will he/she like it”? “What if I get something more expensive in return? Will I look stingy?”, etc. On the other hand, for a single person, V-Day is a reminder of how miserable and lonely he/she must feel without a partner. So, should we abolish V-Day and S.A.D. all together?
There is no answer that would satisfy both parties. However, no matter what side you join or belong, do not wait for a special day to express love to your significant other, even if that person is you.